26 April 2012

Norwalk-Area Fishing Report

”Some of the biggest excitement of the weekend comes on the saltwater side, mainly in the form of some unusually large stripers for this early in the season.

”Despite the super-strict limits on flounder, many anglers are catching that limit with fish weighing as much as 2-3/4 pounds”


Deadliest Catch…Asian-Style

” Just as Mr. Wang is taking a break after a two-month Spratly fishing expedition, Chinese and Philippine vessels remain locked in a stand-off at Scarborough Shoal, a reef just west of Manila, which was triggered by what the Philippine government says was illegal poaching by fishermen from Tanmen.

”Such incidents are risky for the fishermen. Two of Mr Wang’s crew were hit by hostile coast guard bullets two years ago. The fishermen constantly remind China’s neighbours of Beijing’s claims to these waters, even as there are signs that Beijing is adopting a more moderate stance on the South China Sea dispute.”


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