14 April 2012

Lower Housatonic River Fishing

”Walking carefully so they wouldn't accidentally drop off at the steep edge of a rocky bar that arced into the river, the anglers searched for firm footing amid the rocks and boulders. Once that was accomplished, the casting could begin.

"Previous experience at this particular Housatonic spot taught them that the best strategy was to cast straight out into the current, allowing the lure to sink for a count of five or six. After that, it was a slow -- very slow -- retrieve, as the lure drifted with the flow."

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

There Is Freshwater Fishing in Connecticut Too

”Find your rods, dust off your lures, check your waders, and get ready for opening day of trout fishing season!

”As far as Connecticut Anglers are concerned spring begins on April 21. That's when trout season gets underway.”

Martin Armstrong in StamfordAdvocate.com

Personally I can’t remember ever having to dust-off a lure, but I guess that image gets the writer’s idea across.

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