01 April 2012

In Complete Reversal, CT DEEP Cancels Striper Season

Action Reported "Necessary to Rebuild Stocks"

HARTFORD: Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has announced that due to decreasing numbers of large striped bass and the low juvenile class counts in the Delaware and Hudson Rivers in the past few years, no commercial or recreational fishing for striped bass will be permitted in Connecticut waters from April 1 to December 31, 2012.

A DEEP official remarked that the striper fishery is the backbone of the fishing economy in Connecticut. However, in recent years, the dwindling catch has both fishery agencies and fishermen worried. Agreeing to a state closed season on striped bass is an important step in guaranteeing the future availability of this shared natural resource.

"I think it's probably the right thing to do," said Mildred Dorsal, 64, who has run a commercial fishing boat with her husband Ralph out of the Housatonic River since 1985.

"It's tough, though. We're going to lose our (fishing) community. People are going to have to figure out what to do with nine months of no income."

Read the announcement at CTDEP

Study: Fishing IS Always Better the Day Before

”Six months ago, the active portion of the research program was ended (coincidentally, the very same time the grant ran out). After carefully tallying their results, the biologists determined that indeed the fishing is ALWAYS better the day before anyone goes fishing.”

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

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