02 April 2012

In Case You Didn't Notice, the Last Five Stories in This Blog Were April Fools Stories...But Now We're Back to Reality

Alewives Doing Well in Niantic River Basin

”"A couple of days last week they were stacked up from here down through the culvert to the pool just below it, waiting to get up the ladder,’ Ellis said, standing at the foot of the Alaskan steep pass ladder on Tuesday morning as assistants Kirk McPherson and Matt Shirley counted the lively little fish that had reached the trap at the top overnight. Once counted, the fish, measuring 14 to 16 inches with gray-green sides and silver bellies, were released to continue their journey.”


Thames Area Fishing Report

”In the Thames, look for fish between Norwich Harbor and the Greenville Dam, in Trading Cove, Poquetanuck Cove and near the shoreline from north of the main entrance to the cove downriver along the mile straightaway in Gales Ferry and Horton Cove, north of the Montville Power Plants...."

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Sometimes You Do Everything Right…and It Still All Goes to Crap

”On Tuesday, days after the fishing trip ended in tragedy, Henderson recounted the harrowing tale for The Associated Press, alternating between sorrow, guilt and laughter as he recalled the last 30 hours of a man who had been his best friend for 25 years.

”The saga began Thursday around noon. They had been fishing for a few hours when Coen noticed the 30-foot Scarab was filling with water. Henderson started four bilge pumps. Water sprayed everywhere.”

The Boston Globe

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