04 April 2012

Alewives, Herring, and Fish & Chips

Prohibition on the Taking of Alewife and Blueback Herring from Connecticut Waters Extended for Another Year

”East Coast states have all experienced dramatic declines in river herring populations. Since Connecticut took the first step to close river herring fisheries to protect the stocks, other states have followed. The best available data from this past year indicates that the closure of these fisheries must remain in place….”


U.K. Also Having Problems with Eating Fish [Good Read!]

”Between stages three and four the fish is stored. International trading in fish takes place in units called ‘blocks’ – a neat term for a 16'lb lump of ‘ready meal’ frozen fish, which may consist of fillets, flesh or indeed entire fish. A block may have a succession of owners during the course of trading, and can be stored for anything from three to five months. In a notorious case, food officials found a warehouse in Lincolnshire with blocks that were five years old.”


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