30 April 2012

Port Jefferson Area Fishing Report

”He caught 12 Striped Bass in total on Wednesday, two of which were keepers at 29 and 31 inches.

“The rest were schoolies from 18 to 26 inches…all caught on soft plastics and umbrella rigs.”


Noticed More Jellyfish in Recent Years?

”Jellyfish are increasing in the majority of the world's coastal ecosystems, according to the first global study of jellyfish….”


29 April 2012

Big Lures and Little Eels

”At that point, I selected a large eight-inch Danny swimmer and cast it into the wash. That plug did not move 10 feet before a determined bass crashed it and sunk its jaw into the big treble at the head of the swimmer.

“That fish was big and full of vigor, and when I finally got her alongside, she was spitting up what appeared to be a four- or five-inch whiting. Even though the other lures matched the size and color of the bait, the selective stripers would not give them a sniff. That was not the first time it took a much bigger bait to persuade a fish into striking.”


Big Bucks from Little Eels

”The price varies week to week. A couple of years ago, a pound of elvers was selling for more than $2,000 a pound. Successful elver fishermen in Maine (one of only two U.S. states that still allow elver fishing) can catch upwards of 40 pounds of the squirmy little devils in a single night. In two or three hours, that fisherman can scoop up $40,000 in the net.

"There are reports that when the price was at its peak, a couple of really expert elvers took home more than $100,000 in a single night.

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

28 April 2012

The Alabama Rig...and Fried Goldfish

Fishin’ the Alabama Rig

”You need to find the heaviest line you can find and I throw it on braid on 65-pound test you can throw mono but I wouldn't throw less than twenty-five or thirty pounds, Tom said. It's for open water things you would normally throw big crank baits and things like that."


Yes, But Did She Season Them Appropriately?

”A Watertown [NY] woman has been arrested on multiple charges after she intentionally [fried] 12 gold fish belonging to the victim....”


26 April 2012

Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Report

Striped Bass fishing is good in the major coastal rivers and even on the local reefs for keeper bass which is earlier than usual for this time of year. Live lining eels or snapping wire with parachute rigs dressed with pork rind is the way to go for larger stripers on the reefs and rip areas. Just remember to use circle hooks when using live or dead bait to avoid gut hooking. Schoolie hot spots include the lower Pawcatuck River, Thames River from Norwich down to Montville, Connecticut River by Great Island (Wood Lot), and the Housatonic River.

Light spinning tackle enthusiasts and fly rodders have been scoring high numbers in the catch and release category. Fishing the early morning dawn patrol on an ebb tide makes a big difference.

Tautog fishing season has been red hot this spring on the local rock piles, wrecks, and breakwaters with double digit heavy weights being reported. Asian shore crabs have been the choice bait.

Winter Flounder fishing has been good in the Niantic River and in western LIS in the Westport to Norwalk area. Fishing the channels and chumming heavy is key to catching.

White Perch fishing is good in the Connecticut River at the DEEP Marine Headquarters fishing pier in Old Lyme and the Lieutenant River by Rte 156. Coves in the Pawcatuck, Thames, and the Housatonic Rivers are also producing good catches.

Bluefish are just right around the corner even though anglers have been catching fish for a while at the Millstone warm water discharge.”

Connecticut DEEP

Nessie Caught On Sonar?

”Image produced when his vessel was in the Loch's Urquhart Bay showed a long moving object that had followed the boat for more than two minutes.
“'The object got bigger and bigger and I thought ‘bloody hell’ and took a picture with my mobile phone.
“'There is nothing that big in the Loch. I was in shock as it looked like a big serpent, it’s amazing. You can’t fake a sonar image. I have never seen anything returned like this on the fish finder.’”


Norwalk-Area Fishing Report

”Some of the biggest excitement of the weekend comes on the saltwater side, mainly in the form of some unusually large stripers for this early in the season.

”Despite the super-strict limits on flounder, many anglers are catching that limit with fish weighing as much as 2-3/4 pounds”


Deadliest Catch…Asian-Style

” Just as Mr. Wang is taking a break after a two-month Spratly fishing expedition, Chinese and Philippine vessels remain locked in a stand-off at Scarborough Shoal, a reef just west of Manila, which was triggered by what the Philippine government says was illegal poaching by fishermen from Tanmen.

”Such incidents are risky for the fishermen. Two of Mr Wang’s crew were hit by hostile coast guard bullets two years ago. The fishermen constantly remind China’s neighbours of Beijing’s claims to these waters, even as there are signs that Beijing is adopting a more moderate stance on the South China Sea dispute.”


24 April 2012

Saltmarsh Stripers and Sick Fish in Gulf

Saltmarsh Stripers

”For most anglers, fly-fishing for striped bass beckons images of screeching birds over busting fish on a windy fall day, or perhaps of stalking that quickly moving shadow on a white sand flat in June. Images such as these are so synonymous with striped bass that it’s easy to overlook the isolation and natural magnificence of the salt marshes that can be found in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, often within sight of major metropolitan areas.

"Avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life is of course attractive, but what’s even more appealing about these salt marshes is the abundance of marine life that can be found.”

New Issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Two Years Later, Sick Fish Found Near Area of BP Oil Spill

”Open sores. Parasitic infections. Chewed-up-looking fins. Gashes. Mysterious black streaks. Two years after the drilling-rig explosion that touched off the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, scientists are beginning to suspect that fish in the Gulf of Mexico are suffering the effects of the petroleum….

”And the damage may extend well beyond fish. In the past year, research has emerged showing deep-water coral, seaweed beds, dolphins, mangroves and other species of plants and animals are suffering….”


23 April 2012

Connecticut Fishing Reports

New London-Area Fishing Report

”Needless to say, marine waters have seen an upsurge of fishing activity. Striped bass have spread all along the shoreline into the rivers and bays, as well as onto several inshore reefs. Both ebb and flood tides are producing "linesider" catches from schoolie size fish up to some reaching 30 inches with the hot baits being herring, sandworms, and soft plastics. Periodic schools of spring menhaden have also garnered their attention when entering key harbors and tidal rivers.”


Long Island Sound’s Problems Start Up North

”Many rivers feed into Long Island Sound; however, two of New England's longest--the 150-mile-long Housatonic and the 410-mile-long Connecticut rivers--bring large amounts of pollution.”


22 April 2012

Connecticut Fishing Reports

Opening Day…a Rite of Spring and a Reminder of Youth

”In the end, it really does not matter how crowded and "zoo-like" the fishing was Saturday. Although it is nice to go home with a few fish in the stringer, the opening day experience is about more than just hooking up with a feisty trout. It is a kind of annual rite of spring.

"People who will not touch a rod again for the rest of the season find the draw of opening day irresistible.

"Children will know for the first time the excitement of waiting for a fish to grab their worm or Rooster Tail lure. Should a fish actually hit, chances that child will fish for the rest of his or her life."

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

Stamford-Area Fishing Report

”Norwalk has the best variety of bait of all area harbors. Rich at Fisherman's World says that Norwalk Harbor is loaded with bunker, herring and spearing. And where there is bait you'll find striped bass.”

Martin Armstrong in StamfordAdvocate.com

More About Opening Day…

”Pumpkinseeds and brook trout are the most colorful of New England’s native fish. Even now, I remember my trout’s white-lined fins and the light spots all over its sides that had a few bright little red spots, like they had been touched by the tip of a teacher’s red pen.

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

21 April 2012

NYC Fishing and a Really Dry April

New York City Area Fishing Report

”So that means trips on bottom-fishing boats now can produce lots of ling, an occasional cod and perhaps some play with striped bass on the way out or back to the dock. Just take along mussels, blood worms, sandworms or clam chum.***


[***What’s the idea here? If you can’t find mussels or worms, you can always put clam chum on your hook? Having people write this stuff who know nothing about fishing can certainly yield some strange information.]

So Far, One of the Driest Aprils on Record

”According to the U.S. Geological Survey, which monitors streamflows through a system of gauges around the state, the eastern half of the state is in a "severe hydrological drought," while the western half is in an "extreme" drought. Drought conditions stretch into much of the rest of New England as well as Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.”


20 April 2012

Marine Recreational Fisheries Regulations for 2012

You might want to make a copy for your tackle box

CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Tying the Surf Candy

”In a twist of fly-tying history, a fly originally developed for the unsophisticated tastes of bluefish became the most effective fly for the wary, sharp-eyedmembers of the tuna family, like bonito, false albacore, and small bluefin tuna. When Bob Popovics came back to Seaside Park, New Jersey, from Vietnam in 1970, no one in his area even knew how to tie a Deceiver. At first, Popovics tied up some Joe Brooks Blonde series bucktails….”


19 April 2012

Sharper Hooks, and Not the Sharpest Hook in the Tackle Box

Ask Lefty

”With all of the hook-sharpening tools available, which one do you feel is best for the job?”

New Issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

See the file at Amazon.com

Technicality Keeps 427-Pound Yellowfin Tuna Catch Out of Record Book

”In saltwater fishing's version of baseball's infamous pine tar incident, an angler who reeled in a world-record yellowfin tuna had his home-run catch called back -- because a deckhand touched his fishing pole*** as he fought the mighty fish."


[***Arrrrgh! It’s a rod, not a pole!]

17 April 2012

Lefty, Fidel, and Papa Hemingway: This Is A Good Read

”Mill asked Lefty about his most memorable fishing trip. Lefty told the story of fishing in Ernest Hemingway’s white marlin tournament in Cuba. Lefty spent one day in a boat with Fidel Castro and another with Papa himself. Hemingway had one piece of writing advice for Lefty: ‘write something that someone cannot edit.’”


NOAA Releases New Views of Earth’s Ocean Floor

”NOAA has made sea floor maps and other data on the world’s coasts, continental shelves and deep ocean available for easy viewing online. Anyone with Internet access can now explore undersea features and obtain detailed depictions of the sea floor and coasts, including deep canyons, ripples, landslides and likely fish habitat.”


16 April 2012

Long Beach, Stratford, CT

”A barrier beach that stretches for a mile from Stratford to Bridgeport, Long Beach is an important part of a mosaic of habitats near the mouth of the Housatonic River. That mosaic includes 1500 acres of salt marsh, vast mudflats, the dunes and beaches….”


This Is Fly

New issue now online….

This Is Fly

14 April 2012

Lower Housatonic River Fishing

”Walking carefully so they wouldn't accidentally drop off at the steep edge of a rocky bar that arced into the river, the anglers searched for firm footing amid the rocks and boulders. Once that was accomplished, the casting could begin.

"Previous experience at this particular Housatonic spot taught them that the best strategy was to cast straight out into the current, allowing the lure to sink for a count of five or six. After that, it was a slow -- very slow -- retrieve, as the lure drifted with the flow."

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

There Is Freshwater Fishing in Connecticut Too

”Find your rods, dust off your lures, check your waders, and get ready for opening day of trout fishing season!

”As far as Connecticut Anglers are concerned spring begins on April 21. That's when trout season gets underway.”

Martin Armstrong in StamfordAdvocate.com

Personally I can’t remember ever having to dust-off a lure, but I guess that image gets the writer’s idea across.

13 April 2012

RI Striped Bass Anglers Hear From Experts

”…all prefer the lightest tackle they can get away with. Spinning reels are used most often, with some bait casting conventional reels for Capt. White when using soft plastics. Capt. Pagano likes a rig a bit heavier when chunking with menhaden. He feels the hook set has to be strong and firm for the hook to pass through the menhaden chunk into the bass.”


Ask Lefty

”Though I feel that I am a decent caster, sometimes when I shoot my line, it will wrap itself around the rod handle or reel seat....”

New issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

12 April 2012

Thames Area Fishing Report

”The Thames, Connecticut and other large coastal rivers and their coves are open to fishing year-round, which provides options for early season striper and white perch anglers. Trout Management Areas on some rivers are open year-round for….”

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

”Monster” Washes Up on SC Beach

”Residents in a South Carolina coastal town believe they are dealing with a whole different kind of sea monster after an alarmingly large and strange-looking body of some kind of aquatic creature washed up on the coastal state's Folly Beach.”


11 April 2012

Too Many Small Fish Are Caught

”Populations of aquatic life collapsed because of overfishing of sardines and other small fish that are used to feed larger ones, according to a report.”


Jack Gartside…of Gurgler Fame

”Years later at the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show in 2009, things were a little different. Jack walked into the show wearing a hat made from a raccoon skin, similar to the hat worn by Fess Parker in the Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett shows. It wasn’t a fashion statement, Jack was recovering from his first bout with lung cancer. As only Jack would do, he had just finished a round of chemotherapy and two hours later he was at the show giving demonstrations on tying his flies….”


09 April 2012

Housatonic River Clean-Up 28 April

”…a joint effort including boat clubs and Milford and Shelton to clean the Housatonic River shoreline, the groups involved collected more than 28 tons of litter and bulk waste and pulled several abandoned boats from the Housatonic River last year.

”Participants will receive complimentary T-shirts with the Project Green Sweep logo, bottles of water and light refreshments at a rally scheduled for 9 a.m. on the Stratford Town Hall Green. All are asked to bring tools. Gloves, bags and trash sticks will be distributed to those unable to provide their own. Those who wish to volunteer should contact David Killeen at 203-385-4006 or bcarey@townofstratford.com.”


Fly-Fishing Is A Beautiful Thing…If…

”Fly fishing is a beautiful thing when nobody gets hooked, your backcast forms a tight loop, your fly doesn't snap off your tippet, you manage your line as well as you manage your nerves and the fish doesn't spook.”


08 April 2012

Lefty Kreh: 87 and Still Fishing…and Teaching

”At 87, Kreh, the former Baltimore Sun outdoor writer, is still deep in a career that has produced countless fishing books, a remake of the modern-day fly casting classroom and a revolution in saltwater angling. He is credited with introducing scores of fishermen to saltwater fly fishing through his books, demonstrations, world records and fishing adventures.

”And he still travels the world to fish.”


Thames River Area Fishing Report

”Cheyenne Balint says her customers continue to catch some decent stripers averaging 24-34 inches in waters below the Greenville Dam, and down into and below Norwich Harbor. School stripers should be moving on to the flats in Montville and Horton Cove and waking up in the Connecticut River’s major coves, or at least they should be as soon as water temperatures break the 50-degree mark."

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

07 April 2012

Jose Wejebe Dies in Plane Crash

”The host of a popular fishing TV show was killed Friday afternoon when his single-engine plane crashed in Everglades City. Jose Wejebe, who hosted Spanish Fly, a saltwater fishing show on the Outdoor Channel and formerly ESPN,…”


Stratford Area Fishing Report

”Striped bass: Stimulated by better than usual herring and shad runs, the striper fishing is starting to hit its springtime peak….”

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

06 April 2012

Striped Bass Arrived Early in the Hudson River

”For New York State anglers, spring means the arrival of striped bass in the Hudson River, plus the April 1 openings for both trout and flounder...those stripers arrived about three weeks early.”


Older Outboards and Ethanol-Laced Fuels

”According to a recent report in The Fishing Wire, ever since E10 gasoline (gas containing 10 percent ethanol) became widely available several years ago, the nation's largest recreational boat owners group, BoatUS, has received hundreds of calls and emails complaining about boat engine problems. The majority of complaints concern older outboard motors, those made before about 1990. BoatUS' Seaworthy magazine asked Mercury Marine's Ed Alyanak and Frank Kelley, who between them have over 60 years of experience, to find out what's made these decades-old outboards more susceptible to ethanol's well-known problems and what owners can do.”


05 April 2012

The Key to Catching Large Striped Bass

”I followed him out to a station wagon that had slime and water leaking out from the tailgate, where a 40-plus pound striped bass was lying that he’d just caught from the Shetucket River. Catching big stripers was something he and his family of fishermen had been doing for many years.”

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Connecticut Lobsterman, 98, Publishes His Story

”James Arruda Henry had plenty to be proud of as a lobster boat captain who managed to build his own house and raise a family. But he kept a secret into his 90s, one that forced him to bluff his way through life by day and brought tears at night.

”Henry was illiterate. He couldn’t even read restaurant menus….

”Now he’s 98, and his self-published collection of autobiographical essays is being read in elementary schools. In A Fisherman’s Language details his barefoot beginnings in Portugal, life in a tenement in Rhode Island, boxing as a young man, and his adventures at sea.”

The Washington Post

04 April 2012

Alewives, Herring, and Fish & Chips

Prohibition on the Taking of Alewife and Blueback Herring from Connecticut Waters Extended for Another Year

”East Coast states have all experienced dramatic declines in river herring populations. Since Connecticut took the first step to close river herring fisheries to protect the stocks, other states have followed. The best available data from this past year indicates that the closure of these fisheries must remain in place….”


U.K. Also Having Problems with Eating Fish [Good Read!]

”Between stages three and four the fish is stored. International trading in fish takes place in units called ‘blocks’ – a neat term for a 16'lb lump of ‘ready meal’ frozen fish, which may consist of fillets, flesh or indeed entire fish. A block may have a succession of owners during the course of trading, and can be stored for anything from three to five months. In a notorious case, food officials found a warehouse in Lincolnshire with blocks that were five years old.”


03 April 2012

Why Fish Don’t Bite

”The ‘why’ of the bite has a lot to do with efficiency. Feeding can be hard work for fish. If a certain prey item isn’t worth the energy required to catch it, fish won’t try, or will give up after a short chase. Fish are always looking for an easy meal.

”Well, almost always. When they’ve eaten their fill, they usually stop feeding. When you present a bait to a fish that’s stuffed to the gills, the most you can expect is a yawn. The occasional glutton is an exception.

”Fish become tired after feeding, especially if they’ve had to chase down their prey. They also use energy by migrating, spawning, escaping from predators, protecting feeding areas and simply maintaining position in current. They need long periods of rest.”


Fun Read…

”…the only fishing partner from whom I occasionally beg for mercy, hinting, ‘Eric, skies are bright blue, the wind is blowing 30 mph, we haven’t had a sniff in eight hours — think it might be time to head for the launch area?’

“The response is usually: ‘One more drift.'"

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

02 April 2012

In Case You Didn't Notice, the Last Five Stories in This Blog Were April Fools Stories...But Now We're Back to Reality

Alewives Doing Well in Niantic River Basin

”"A couple of days last week they were stacked up from here down through the culvert to the pool just below it, waiting to get up the ladder,’ Ellis said, standing at the foot of the Alaskan steep pass ladder on Tuesday morning as assistants Kirk McPherson and Matt Shirley counted the lively little fish that had reached the trap at the top overnight. Once counted, the fish, measuring 14 to 16 inches with gray-green sides and silver bellies, were released to continue their journey.”


Thames Area Fishing Report

”In the Thames, look for fish between Norwich Harbor and the Greenville Dam, in Trading Cove, Poquetanuck Cove and near the shoreline from north of the main entrance to the cove downriver along the mile straightaway in Gales Ferry and Horton Cove, north of the Montville Power Plants...."

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Sometimes You Do Everything Right…and It Still All Goes to Crap

”On Tuesday, days after the fishing trip ended in tragedy, Henderson recounted the harrowing tale for The Associated Press, alternating between sorrow, guilt and laughter as he recalled the last 30 hours of a man who had been his best friend for 25 years.

”The saga began Thursday around noon. They had been fishing for a few hours when Coen noticed the 30-foot Scarab was filling with water. Henderson started four bilge pumps. Water sprayed everywhere.”

The Boston Globe

01 April 2012

In Complete Reversal, CT DEEP Cancels Striper Season

Action Reported "Necessary to Rebuild Stocks"

HARTFORD: Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has announced that due to decreasing numbers of large striped bass and the low juvenile class counts in the Delaware and Hudson Rivers in the past few years, no commercial or recreational fishing for striped bass will be permitted in Connecticut waters from April 1 to December 31, 2012.

A DEEP official remarked that the striper fishery is the backbone of the fishing economy in Connecticut. However, in recent years, the dwindling catch has both fishery agencies and fishermen worried. Agreeing to a state closed season on striped bass is an important step in guaranteeing the future availability of this shared natural resource.

"I think it's probably the right thing to do," said Mildred Dorsal, 64, who has run a commercial fishing boat with her husband Ralph out of the Housatonic River since 1985.

"It's tough, though. We're going to lose our (fishing) community. People are going to have to figure out what to do with nine months of no income."

Read the announcement at CTDEP

Study: Fishing IS Always Better the Day Before

”Six months ago, the active portion of the research program was ended (coincidentally, the very same time the grant ran out). After carefully tallying their results, the biologists determined that indeed the fishing is ALWAYS better the day before anyone goes fishing.”

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com