21 March 2012

White Perch, and Alabama Rigs

White Perch

”White perch, or silver bass as some of the old-timers called them, were always a favorite commodity, but a species that was hard to pin down to a specific location.

"On occasion, I would be fishing for tautog on the first pier on the Brightman Street Bridge when a school of perch would move in and all hell would break loose. Unlike the tog, which could be counted on to inhabit the rocky piers and pilings of the bridges, perch moved in and out like their larger cousin, the striper.”

Charley Soares in WickedLocal.com

OK to “Alabama” in Connecticut

”’We have received numerous questions/calls/emails about the legality of the (effectively a small, castable umbrella rig). Most questions have come from black bass (largemouth bass & smallmouth bass) anglers.

"'The short answer is that the Alabama rig is legal to use in Connecticut to fish for black bass.’"

Martin Armstrong in StamfordAdvocate.com

Shoo-Fly: They also work on stripers and bluefish.

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