11 March 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...10-11 MAR

CRITTERS: Egbert came by the back porch today...looking for a handout.

He's obviously been fed here before as he walked up within four feet of me and looked me straight in the eye with a sort of "WELL, WHERE'S MY SHRIMP? attitude.

I can tell you I was not altogether comfortable with that beak being so close.

He walked right up to the screen door where he could hear Deb rattling around in the kitchen. At every sound his head tilted in yet another direction as he envisioned the goodies about to be bestowed upon him.

But, alas, we had no fresh seafood for him...no frozen either.

Deb tried giving him a piece of bread...no interest at all.

Those are leaves scattered on the deck. You can sweep the darned things off and seemingly minutes later there are more of them right back under your feet.

Egbert's got a amazing set of tail feathers.

Eventually he got the idea that there was nothing for him here, and he took off for the next stop on his morning's mooching route.

Iggy waddling through the yard.

We saw a pod a dolphins, but they were business-dolphins and not at all interested in playing. One came over to us and dashed directly under the boat, but the rest maintained an appropriate distance.

Here's the little cuda that frequents the boat basin.

We've nicknamed him, Lucius Malfoy.

Speaking of cudas, here's two-thirds of the Saturday cuda-fishing team.

We went out to the cuda hole and they were there big time.

Deb was the cuda lady; caught six of them...more than Wayne and I did together.

Deb had a big barry on that broke the line; I had the drag set too tightly on that reel. Then she got another nice one to the side of the boat, but I messed up with the boga* and he got away before we could get a photo.

Mea culpa.

Check out that cloud behind Wayne and Deb.

[*Plier-like device that allows you to grip the fish by the lower jaw and lift it safely from the water without damaging the fish, and without getting fingers near the fish's mouth...an obvious advantage when dealing with barracudas.]

Here's that same cloud.

It seemed just to grow and grow until it spanned the entire sky from west to east.

The clould hanged around all afternoon and was still visible when Deb was taking sunset shots that evening.

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