09 March 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...09 MAR

Getting Fish to Bite that Fly

”I can’t tell you how many times anglers miss the opportunity. They make a great cast and do everything right while they’re stripping, but when they see the fish reacting to the fly in a positive way, they continue to strip, all the while drawing the fish closer and closer to the boat. They never give it a chance to eat. You’ve got to remember, in most sight-fishing scenarios, a floating line is used, so every strip you make, you are pulling the fly higher in the water column and closer to you. So, really, what you are doing isn’t feeding at all; you are simply giving the fish a better opportunity to see you.”

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Woods Hole Scientist Says Data On Striped Bass Show Dire Need for Conservation

”…the recreational catch last year was only 16.3 percent of what it was in 2006.”


Islamorada Fishing Club Appoints First Woman President

”During its 61-year history, the Islamorada Fishing Club has championed Florida Bay conservation, tirelessly promoted saltwater fishing in the Upper Keys and evolved into a venerable community institution.

”But until last month the club had never had a woman president.”


NOAA Honors Lost Crew of USS Monitor. Recreates Faces of Two Sailors Found In Ill-Fated Ship’s Gun Turret, Asks Public for Help To Identify

”Nearly 150 years after 16 USS Monitor sailors died when their vessel sank in a New Year’s Eve storm, NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has released forensic reconstructions of the faces of two crew members.”


Another Punk Striper Season?

”Winter fishing for striped bass has been spotty this year,which is a sign of the times. Striper numbers appear to be declining again, or at least from the high levels to which anglers have become accustomed over the past decade.

”The decline became evident in 2011 and probably will continue this season.

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Give Up Fishing for $500?

”The federal government wants to put a price tag on the value of recreational fishing. And in an unusual study, an economist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is offering Massachusetts fishermen cash to not fish.

”The cash offers, made in the form of checks in amounts ranging from $15 to $500 and mailed to fishermen selected at random from holders of the Massachusetts Recreational Saltwater Fishing Permit, has caused a stir in the angling community. Reactions have included suspicion of the study's goals to criticism of the government for using tax dollars.”


Winter: 4th Warmest on Record

”According to NOAA scientists, warmer-than-average temperatures dominated the northern and eastern regions of the U.S. this winter. Additionally, national snow cover extent was below average.”


Meanwhile, in Islamorada

Winds are only 19 kts. gusting to 22 kts. [22-25 mph]

It’s no longer a Coast Guard “Small Craft Advisory,” it’s been reduced to “Small Craft Should Exercise Caution.”

With winds from the east [100 degrees true], fishing the Ocean side is out of the question and the water temps have fallen 10 degrees on the Bay side since this mess of weather hit…plus bay waters will be churned up and full of sediment. Forecast is east winds 15 to 20 knots. Bay waters choppy. Isolated showers.

Wonder how one of those drug-runner, semi-submersible boats would work as a fly-casting platform?

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