02 March 2012

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26 Million-Year-Old Penguin “Worth the Wait”

”This undated graphic illustration released by University of Otago on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 shows a giant penguin called a Kairuku. It's taken 26 million years, but scientists say getting the first glimpse at what a long-extinct giant penguin looked like was worth the wait.

"Experts from New Zealand and the United States have reconstructed the fossil skeleton of one of the giant sea birds for the first time, revealing long wings, a slender build and a spearlike bill that have them describing it as one elegant bird.”


BOAT Acronym

B O A T stands for ‘break out another thousand.”

Here’s Where Some of Our Missing Striped Bass Went

”A North Stonington man was sentenced Wednesday in federal court for trafficking in and making false records for 12,140 pounds of illegally harvested Atlantic striped bass.

“Daniel B. Birkbeck, 47, was sentenced to serve one year of probation and to pay a $10,000 fine….”


A Video of Something We’ve Never Seen Before:

Frozen Planet, premiering on the Discovery Channel on March 18, will show brinicle formation and the “river of death” flowing in front of it.


Coast Guard Wants You to Put Your Name on Your Kayak

”Search crews from two Coast Guard stations are searching for a possible missing kayaker near Wingaersheek Beach, Mass., Wednesday.

“Coast Guard Station Gloucester, Mass., received the report of a drifting kayak from Gloucester Police at 2:45 p.m., Wednesday. Search planners at Coast Guard Sector Boston launched a 25-foot Response Boat….

“The kayak has no markings or contact information and the Coast Guard is asking the community for help identifying the boat and its owner.”


”Trophy-Sized” Trout Would Make Good Striper Bait

”Because of the mild winter, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection began stocking trout early this year in Trout Management Areas, or TMAs, where, for the most part, catch-and-release fishing is open year-round…. About 1,500 of these trout were trophy-sized 12-inch-plus fish….”

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

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