01 March 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...01 MAR

On Wednesday evening we brought back some of our freshly caught seatrout and mackerel for dinner.

Wayne did the fileting honors at the fish-cleaning station as a couple of pelicans gathered in hopes that they would be tossed a tasty tidbit.

The flock thickened...

...as more and more hopefuls arrived on the basin wall.

The peilicans watched Wayne's every move.

"Hey Mista, throw me somethin'!"

Once weapon-wielding Wayne tossed a hunk of fish to the birds, a tense struggle ensued to possess the prize...

...until finally one bird, in this case the one on the left with the fish head in his beak, emerged with the morsel...

...which he then began to swallow...

...and swallow...and...(well, there are several more photos similar to this, but you get the idea).


"Oh, 'scuse me!"

(Pelicans got manners!)

All photos by Deb

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