22 March 2012

Fly Leader Failures, and the Thames River

Ask Lefty

”Q: “I have been casting a 9-weight with a 350-grain sinking line. My casts have been going 70 feet into the wind, and when I want more distance, I haul faster. However, my leader is not extending all the way. When I strip my line, it takes anywhere from two to seven strips to pick up the slack. As you well know, this is not ideal. By the time the fly starts to move, the fish are almost always past the fly. So what am I doing wrong?”

New Edition of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Thames River Area Report

”Herring have been in the Thames River for a couple of weeks now, with many stripers in the 30-inch range in and around Norwich Harbor, and in the waters up to the Greenville Pool on the Shetucket River.

”Anglers have caught these big stripers in the river using chunk baits or large swimming plugs that mimic the 10- or 12-inch-long herring they are chasing.

”Likewise, the stripers that overwinter in the coves of the Connecticut River also are becoming more active. Because of the extremely mild winter, odds are there already are some stripers migrating northward along the coast from their breeding grounds in Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River.

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

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