30 March 2012

12th Severed Foot Washes Up at Short Beach

Yet another severed foot, this one in a jogging shoe, has been found on the shore in Stratford. This one was found by Black Rock fisherman, Roger Caudal, who was surf-casting near the old marker foundation.

It is possibly the twelfth-such discovery in the last four years to wash up on beaches near the mouth of the Housatonic River. Most of the remains have not been identified, but two of the feet are believed to have belonged to men who had been reported missing.

Oceanographers have determined the bodies originated somewhere along the River. The first foot was discovered in August 2007 on Charles Island in Long Island Sound. A week later, another foot was found on Short Beach. Since then, they have turned up with bizarre regularity

State CSI officials request that any fisherman finding a severed foot report this to the local authorities as soon as possible.

Connecticut DEEP says any fisherman found using such a foot --or a portion thereof--for bait will be arrested and fined.

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