28 February 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...28 FEB

This is Monday's sunset.

The good news is that Deb's back in Islamorada, so the quality and availability of photos is going to go up...

...starting with today.

Wayne and I dodged a couple of rainstorms this afternoon, either one of which could have made for a bit of excitement.

The main thrill of the day, however, was created by a barracuda...one of about 30-35 pounds.

We were fishing for miscellaneous stuff...seatrout, mackerel, whatever, when Wayne hooked one of those darned lizard fish. While we're not at all interested in lizard fish, it appears that cudas are: A big nasty one came up and grabbed the lizard fish on the end of Wayne's line. Wayne free-spooled the fish...letting the cuda take line...and then he set the hook.


The cuda, only about 10 feet from the boat, came up out of the water and flew straight at me as I was standing in the stern of the boat.

The fish bounced off the back deck, hit me squarely in both shins, bounced again on the deck, and landed back in the water.

That was the last we saw of Mr. Cuda.

I quickly checked my shins for blood. None! Thankfully, the cuda had hit me with his body and not with his open, tooth-filled mouth.

It was over in less that two seconds...but I can replay it in my mind any time.

Bet Mr. Cuda's having a fine time tonight telling all his buddies about that one.

Nice 23-inch redfish...returned to the water in good shape.

Thought this old prop scar was interesting.

This is what happens when someone runs a powerboat into too-shallow water and the propeller scars the sea bottom. Fresh scars are often white against a darker background, but this old scar for some reason has filled in with vegetation or debris making it look darker than the surrounding sands.

Either way, it's not a pretty sight.

Deb spotted Egbert the Egret up on the back porch today.

Edbert is a really handsome fellow...sort of like the Brad Pitt of birds...walking on the red carpet.

Of course the movie star's image can be somewhat destroyed when he's caught on film scratching his...whatever he's scratching here.

Deb also got this shot of a more short-legged shorebird...I though perhaps a bittern or rail. So far we've been unable to identify her.

Where's Islamorada CIS when you need it?

2012.02.29: Found it...it's a green heron.

As with today's first photo, this too was Monday's sunset...but taken long after the sun had slunk below the horizon.

Sometimes the after-effects of the sunset are as nice as the event itself...although a bit more subtle.

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