22 February 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...22 FEB

The gang went to Key West on Monday, expecting it to be a madhouse being a holiday, and found it wasn't that crowded at all...even with two monster-sized cruise ships in harbor.

Photo taken at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. Excellent place for kids and adults.

When you leave, you have to check in a set of mirrors to be certain you're not taking any "hitchhiking" butterflies with you.

On Ms. Caroline's last day in Islamorada she finally got to see some wild dolphins.

We saw two groups of them, and although we maintained an appropriate distance from them, a few came over to the boat to inspect us.

The kids got sprayed with dolphin mist.

We were able to watch these beautiful animals for quite a while.

Zachary, with some kibitzing from Michael, ate Grampy's lunch at the checkers table.

Note the energy-sustaining chocolate-chip cookies.

Taken at the Key West Aquarium...another worthwhile stop.

Sunset on the gang's last full day in Islamorada.

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