16 February 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...16 FEB


Tuesday night's sunset.

The fishing brain trust trying to figure out where all the fish have gone.

We saw two groups of dolphins. The first group were "executive dolphins"; they were on their way to a meeting and had no interest in us.

In the second group the individual dolphins appeared to be small in size...perhaps a group of youngsters out for adventure. They were busy clowning around with each other and, again, had no interest in us.

It's still fun to stand off at a distance and watch them.

Rebecca thought it was beautiful out on Florida Bay.

Saw several sharks.

BTW the shark closing in on the pelican, from last night's blog, was not a shark...it was a dolphin. Haven't heard of a dolphin eating a pelican...yet.

Heading back to Islamorada.

Wednesday's sunset.

This was taken from Rebecca's iPhone.

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