12 February 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...12-14 FEB

A pod of dolphins totally surprised us on Wednesday.

We didn't see them coming, and suddenly they were all around the boat, under us, and surfing our wake.

It was a dolphin sneak-attack!

Pete Pelican speaking to Penelope Pelican: "Yeah, it's always like this at KMart: Get your stuff and then stand in the cash-register line...."

The rains having ended [hopefully], the winds have now taken over:

Small-craft warnings out...the winds hit 33 kts. on Molasses Reef on Saturday night; that's 38 mph.

This photo is totally out of focus, but it gives the idea as to the violence that winds of that velocity can create.

0800 on Sunday the winds were still 25 kts. and the air temp was down to 52°. This is going to dirty up Florida Bay and chill it down at the same time...making for difficult fishing. Can only hope the weather sorts itself out before the grandkids arrive later in the week.

Of course, not everyone hates the wind.

Out running errands on Saturday, I ran into traffic waiting for the Snake Creek bridge to go back down.

The bridge attendants open the bridge on the hour and half-hour...if there's a boat waiting to pass into or out of the Creek.

That's only for large motor boats and good-sized sailboats; Shoo-Fly zips under the closed bridge without creating a traffic jam.

Saturday night's sunset.

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