11 February 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...11 FEB

Wayne says that in 30+ years of coming to the Keys, he's never seen as much rain as we've had this year.

On Friday, we watched the various storm cells moving up the Keys from the south, and figured that if we waited it out a bit, there'd be a decent break between cells.

Taking advantage of one such, we scooted out to the west and tried a few spots, hoping for some mackerel or other good fish.

This is what one of the storm cells looked like back over Islamorada. That grey stuff going from the cloud down to the Keys is rain.

We'd timed it so we missed that one.

Another cell chased us further north, but we managed to duck that one too.

BTW, this is what NOAA was forecasting as "occasional showers."

Dodging all the storms gave us little choice as to where to fish...and not a lot of hook-in-the-water time [it's difficult to catch fish when your lure is in the boat].

We did manage to find one spot that was loaded with jacks and ladyfish. If they stay there, it'll be a great place to take the grandkids when they arrive later in the week.

Why would they stay in one location? I've seen it where for weeks on end it was possible to go the the same exact spot and find fish. Guess if what they feed on stays there, they stay.

So we ducked a number of storm cells...but then saw this one coming in.

From our position, it looked as though it was going to cover the entire area from Islamorada all the way out where we were.

So, discretion being the better part, we aimed for a bright spot between the last cell and this approaching one...and headed for the barn.

We got back safely...and dry.

Unhappily, it looks as though fishing's going to be off for at least two days:

"Saturday: Northwest winds...increasing to near 20 knots and gusty. Bay waters a light to moderate chop...becoming rough.

"Sunday: North winds near 25 knots and gusty early...becoming north to northeast and decreasing to 15 to 20 knots late. Bay waters very rough early...becoming choppy."

Just so long as the weather sorts itself out by the time the grandkids get here, it'll be all right.

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