10 February 2012

Fishin' News

We're still in the Keys, but our collected news about fishing in other areas has built up to the point where it's time to publish the more interesting items:

Sight-Fishing Is Like Hunting

”When it all comes together, nothing beats sight-casting. Heart pounding, adrenaline racing, blood rushing, breath stopped. From the skinny-water flats to the open ocean, chasing down a killer that is chasing down its prey is the ultimate challenge. That’s hunting the hunter.

”Sight-casting is available anywhere there are fish close enough to the surface to be seen and within casting range.”


Winter Fly Fishing in Florida

”Saltwater fly fishing isn’t always about sun-baked flats kissed by light winds, and bathed by sparkling warm water and battalions of tailing fish. Sometimes Florida fly fishers have to literally run for cover once December cold front winds arrive. But there are some good alternatives to getting blown out on wide-open flats, inshore bays or out in blue water.”


Maine Lobster Catch Exceeded 100 MM Pounds in 2011

”Maine lobstermen last year caught more than 100 million pounds of lobster, the first time the lobster catch has topped the 100 million-pound mark, the state’s top fisheries official said Tuesday.”


This Is Fly

New Issue now online.


Ask Lefty

” Years ago, fly-fishermen usually had one or two rods and a sinking and a floating line — period. Now anglers often wonder, with all the fly lines available today, how to mark lines to indicate their differences.”


The Ubiquitous Bucktail

”If you had only one type of lure to fish any of the world’s oceans, that lure would probably be the 'bucktail [jig]' a lead head on a single hook, dressed with some sort of fiber (traditionally deer hair) and tipped with a piece of bait, often in the form of a strip. Modern variants include soft plastic trailers that vary from short grubs to long, sloppy eel-like critters ('Gulp Baits'), but the common tip in local waters is a strip of pork rind….”


CT DEEP’s New Issue of Sound Outlook

”This special issue of Sound Outlook showcases many of the comprehensive planning efforts currently underway to protect and enhance not only Long Island Sound and its resources, but the lives of the people who live, work, and/or recreate within its watersheds and coastal hazard areas as well. To that end, we hope this issue will help make the term 'coastal and marine spatial planning' a household name.”

Sound Outlook

Spring Coming Early on the Thames?

”The Thames River’s wintering striped bass population is nowhere near as large as it has been in the past, but there are stripers in the upper third of the river. As waters warm over the next few weeks, the fish will become more active and begin moving into shallow coves.”

Bob Sampson, NorwichBulletin.com

DEEP Approving Recycling Facility on Housatonic River

” As designed, the Facility will handle: waste from construction and demolition activities (C&D waste); municipal solid waste from commercial and industrial activities (C&I MSW); clean wood; and recyclables.”

Details: ”Recycling, Inc. / 211 Eastford Road, Eastford, CT; Type of Permit: Permit to Construct and Operate; Type of Facility: Volume Reduction Plant (with truck, rail and barge transfer); Address of the Facility: 990 Naugatuck Ave., Milford, CT; Processing Capacity: Phase 1 (500 tons/day); Phase 2 (700 tons/day); Storage Capacity: 29,207 cy (est. 8,680 tons); Operation: Monday - Friday (6:00 am -7:00 pm) & Saturday (6:00 am-3:00 pm).”


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