27 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...27 JAN

Click on this photo to get a better look at the whiskers on this manatee.

Deb and I were out in the boat, staying close to shore so the winds wouldn't get us, when we spotted this fellow. He was swimming underwater when we first saw him...looked like a scuba-diving bear from our point of view on the boat.

We didn't try to get near him as we feel it's best to leave these animals alone. According to Wikipedia, "All three species of manatee are listed by the World Conservation Union as vulnerable to extinction."

We watched him just long enough to see him snorkel up for this breath of air.

We went out on the Bay a ways to try fishing, but the waves from the wind were too much so we headed back toward Snake Creek with the idea of going to Hippie Harbor.

Then we saw this squall coming in and...

...decided that discretion was the better part.

We thought this might have been a rainbow trying to get started, but it was just the sun's rays coming through a break in the squall line.

The National Weather Service explains that for a rainbow to form,

You need to be standing with the sun to your back and the rain in front of you,

The sun needs to be less than 42° above the horizon, and

The sun's rays must be hitting the raindrops.

For those who are looking for evidence of aliens observing earth, here it is!

What other explanation could there possibly be for this mark in the sky?

Had to be some amazing spacecraft to be able to make a right-hand turn like that!

The aliens in this spacecraft were undoubtedly on their way to create more Nacza lines in Peru...or to erect more statues on Easter Island...or build another great pyramid in Egypt!

This fingernail moon is obvious, but do you also see Venus?

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