25 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...25 JAN

2011: 14 Major Climate-Related Disasters

” NOAA has identified two additional events in 2011 that caused an economic impact of $1 billion or greater, bringing the total number of major billion-dollar weather and climate disasters to 14 (not including the pre-Halloween snowstorm in the Northeast, which is still being analyzed).”


Ask Lefty

”"What is the correct way to get rid of salt deposits on reels and rods, and how often do I need to do it?"”


Mass. Fishing Boat Lost In 2008 Found Adrift In Spain

”More than three years after tossing its occupants overboard in stormy seas, a 26-foot long Nantucket fishing boat has been found off the coast of Spain.


Flies: Tying the “Straw Boss”

”…an effective freshwater pattern that can also prove deadly in the salt.”


Sorry Mates:

Between too much wind, too much work, and too many medical appointments to keep, we haven't been on the water for several days.

Wind is forecast to drop, work is mostly done, and med visits are hopefully over with.

We hope to be back fishing shortly.

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