21 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...21 JAN

Deb decided not to go on the boat today.

You can see where she spent some time.


Here's Wayne on the bow of Shoo-Fly on the lookout for fish.

The blueish area to the left is extremely shallow...you can see the mangrove plants that have rooted in the sand as well as a drifted sandbank farther along.

The greenish water to the right is deeper, but it's only about 2.5 feet deep.

This is what's called "sight-fishing." We try to spot the fish in the skinny water and then cast a lure so as to attract their attention and make them eat it.

Yes, that's a bluefish.

We catch these rascals in the summer in Long Island Sound, but they do inhabit Florida Bay as well.

Didn't sight-fish this one...he was caught while blind-casting [throw the lure out where you think there should be fish...and hope for the best].

It was a spectacular day on the water...at times there was no wind at all.

We saw many sharks, including a few "ruh-roh"-sized ones. We caught a barracuda and saw several more...including some in the ruh-roh category.

We got into some willing and combative jacks and ladyfish. I broke out the fly rod and caught several of each.

We headed back to the dock so Wayne could get home in time to walk the doggies...Turbo and Ushi.

Friday night's sunset.

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