19 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...19 JAN

Deb, Wayne, and I took off in hopes of finding some fish today despite winds 15 kts. from the north, very cloudy water, and still low water temperatures.

This Spanish Mackerel was the best catch of the day. We liked him so much that we brought him home to have dinner with us. Rice and beans, grilled mackerel, and green string beans. Nice.

Wednesday's sunset.

We caught some smaller fish for shark bait and headed for the bay of sharks. But unlike yesterday, when Deb and I saw dozens of mini-jaws-types there...today there were none.

What're ya gonna do?

This is an ibis.

Irving: "I dunno, Iris, what do you do for a runny nose?"

Ibis also enjoy sunsets.

Back at the house Deb spotted a dolphin going by...right in front of the house. That doesn't happen very often.

We saw other dolphins today, but they were all business dolphins...weren't interested in playing around.

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