12 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...12 JAN

We've shown photos of brown pelicans before, but there's something elegant about them...at least while they're in the air.

All photos in this post were done by Deb...except for the one of the flan.

And we've done the roseate spoonbills before as well.

It's just hard to resist those colors.

A face that could be loved by only a mother dolphin.

Or maybe a 10-year old girl?

Osprey in flight.

Magnificent bird.

Click on any photo to see it enlarged.

A cassiopeia jellyfish.

Interesting critter...also called the upside-down jellyfish.

This is the reddish egret.

Can have a wingspan of up to 4 feet.

A frigate bird, also called a man-o-war.

Wingspan can exceed 7 feet.

The flan Deb made Wednesday evening.

Outrageously good stuff!

An ibis.

Possibly a juvenile white ibis...or possibly not.

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