07 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...07 JAN

This was Friday night's sunset.

Saturday morning found us out Bayside to see if we could find any fish in the shallow water...a task made more difficult by the recent cold weather which had brought parts of Florida Bay into the high 50° range.

We met up with Charley and Schoel but didn't hang around together.

These gulls are perched on one of the posts that are placed to mark the ditches, channels through shallow areas.

It appears that the gulls and the pointer on the post agree as to what is the correct direction to travel.

Did a search for these birds...they may not be gulls but actually "elegant terns." No joke, that's what they're called.


This is the first of three fish that one needs to catch to make up a "Trash Fish Grand Slam."

Additional fish that qualify toward a TFGS are the saltwater catfish, the boxfish...and unnamed dozens of others.

Mrs. Osprey was perturbed that we got withing 100 yards of her nest.

Here she shows us her backside...perhaps similar to the lifting of the kilts in the battle scene from "Braveheart."

She buzzed us a few times, but finally flew back to her nest satisfied that she'd chased us off.

We caught only jack crevales and ladyfish today. In one location, however, we did get into some larger ladyfish...Deb, who shot most of these photos, managed to snap this one in mid leap.

I broke out the 7-weight and had fun landing the larger ladyfish on the fly rod.

The highlight of the day, however, was seeing three different pods of dolphin.

Deb, who's a professional photographer, got some spectacular shots as the pods chased our boat and cavorted in the wake.

Think we'll do a whole blog with her dolphin shots on Sunday. Guarantee you'll get a kick out of the photos/

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