06 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...06 JAN

Egbert the Egret stopped by at the basin this morning.

He hasn't hopped up on the table on the porch yet, but that's definitely in his repertoire.

Wayne had put together a fishing expedition to the ocean-side today so he, Deb, and I took off in Shoo-Fly north through the famous "toilet seat" ditch which is a cut through a shallow area that for some reason the locals have marked with...as you can see.

Just north of Toilet Seat we met up with Charley and Schoel in Yellowtail.

Both boats raced over to the entrance to Tavernier Creek...a cut that runs through the Key from Florida Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Creek is a bit like a river through a jungle.

On the Ocean...

[look at the color of that water!]

...Deb connected with the first fish...

...which, unfortunately, we can't show you as the fish got off the hook at the side of the boat before the camera could be brought into play.

This was her second fish...a jack crevalle.

For some reason it doesn't look like it in this shot, but this is a BIG ladyfish...weighed in at four pounds.

The Florida record is 4 lbs 10 oz. World Record 5 lb 14 oz.

Deb's lure got hit by something with teeth that we never saw until we inspected the lure.

She also got a nice-sized ladyfish.

So we caught a bunch of fish. Had fun. Here Charley and Schoel are silouhetted against the southern sky toward the end of our trip.

We were stopped by a Florida Wildlife Commission boat on the way back to Tavernier Creek for a routine inspection. Polite, well-trained officers...no problems.

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