04 January 2012

Islamorada Journal 2012...04 JAN

Got down into the 40s last night, but we've got the heat on and have found extra blankets, so we're cool...er...warm.

With a bright, sunny, windy day afoot today, Deb and I tackled the cleaning of the boat. Amazing how much dirt a boat can collect after 1,500 miles on a trailer. Rainwater blew into most every crevice and Mr. Mildew was attempting inroads into each of the hatches.

After a couple of hours, however, we had the critter at bay and left the hatch covers akimbo so the below-deck spaces could dry in the sun and breeze.

Thursday's forecast calls for NORTH TO NORTHEAST WINDS NEAR 10 KNOTS. BAY WATERS A LIGHT TO MODERATE CHOP, which is not too shabby. We'll see if the wind gods allow that forecast to stand and if we can actually get out after some fish.

This photo requires no caption:

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