16 November 2011

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 15 NOV

Not many boats left in the marina to keep Shoo-Fly company.

An overcast day...not much of a day for taking photos...and it was chilly out on the water. I had on an insulated undershirt, a flannel shirt, an insulated vest, and a windbreaker...and was just comfortable.

Charlie W. and I fished hard for four hours, mid-day, figuring the water would be warmer and the cloudy skies would keep the fish in shallow.

We landed 24 schoolie stripers.

Not a bragging-size fish in the lot...but they appeared all to be fat and healthy.

Our boating season is winding down. Soon we have to prepare Shoo-Fly for her trip to the Florida Keys.

Keep yer hooks sharp!

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