20 November 2011

Commercial Fishing Trip Ends Early

”The Coast Guard Cutter Jefferson Island boarded the 31-foot fishing vessel No Frills, finding numerous safety violations. Infractions included no fire extinguishers and no distress signals on board.

“The fishing vessel was escorted by cutter Jefferson Island to a safe harbor….”

Note: All gasoline powered boats, except outboards, less than 26 feet and of open construction must carry one B-I, U. S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher. All gasoline powered boats 26 feet to less than 40 feet must carry two B-I or one B-II U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers. Boats 40 feet to less than 65 feet must carry three B-I or one B-II and 1 B-I U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers.

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