07 November 2011

Are River Herring Endangered Species?

NOAA Seeks Information on River Herring for Review on Whether Listing Under Endangered Species Act is Warranted; Information due Jan. 3

NOAA has determined that a petition to list alewife and blueback herring, collectively referred to as river herring, under the Endangered Species Act presents enough scientific and commercial information to merit further review. As a result, the agency will conduct a formal review of river herring population status and trends.

NOAA will work with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to utilize information in their ongoing stock assessment for river herring. NOAA will also consider information contained in the petition, published literature and other information about the historic and current range of river herring, their physical and biological habitat requirements, population status and trends, and threats.

To ensure that the review is comprehensive, NOAA is soliciting information pertaining to river herring from any interested party. Information must be received by January 3, 2012.
Federal Register

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