12 November 2011

Another Look at the Bunker Situation

”By weight, menhaden are caught more than any other fish on the East Coast. Safe fishing targets for menhaden have been exceeded every year but one since 1955, with no corrective management action. The population is now less than 10 percent of its historic level.

”As the menhaden population suffers, so do the coastal economies in more than a dozen states, where thousands of commercial and recreational fishing businesses rely on the predatory fish that depend on menhaden as a staple.”


”During its meeting last week, the ASMFC agreed with its scientific advisors and set more conservative fishing standards to help menhaden stocks recover. The fishery, the largest on the East Coast by weight, has exceeded the designated "safe fishing target" every year since 1960. As a result, the population is at less than 10 percent of historic levels.”

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