07 October 2011

Connecticut DEEP Fishing Report

BLUEFISH fishing remains excellent. The usual fishing spots include the Race, Sluiceway, Plum Gut, the reefs off Watch Hill, Ram Island Reef in Fishers Island Sound, Millstone outflow, Bartlett Reef, Black Point, Pigeon Rip (area north of Plum Island), Hatchett Reef, Long Sand Shoal, Southwest Reef, Sixmile Reef, Falkner Island area, the reefs off Guilford and Branford, New Haven Harbor (Sandy Point), Charles Island area to Milford Point, Buoy 20 off Stratford, Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground, Penfield Reef, around the Norwalk Islands, and the reefs off Stamford.

STRIPED BASS fishing has improved on the local reefs and tidal rips as water temperature cool. Live lining eels, hickory shad, bunker (Atlantic menhaden) or scup is the ticket for that trophy cow bass. Just to remember to use circle hooks when using live bait. Circle hooks reduce “gut hooking” and most of the time the hook lodges just in the corner of the fish’s mouth for an easy release.

SCUP fishing is also excellent on the local reefs and rock piles. The time to go is now! Fish in excess of 17 inches in length have been reported.

TAUTOG fishing season is now open. Green crabs, hermit crabs, and Asian shore crabs are preferred baits for hooking these hard fighting fish. Any rock pile/gnarly hard bottom or wreck is perfect tog habitat.

LITTLE TUNNY fishing has been hit or miss for these torpedoes of the sea. Fishing spots include Bluff Point, Pine Island area, the Race (Race Rock to Little Gull Island), Bartlett Reef, Millstone Point, Black Point area, and the Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground area.

Regulations reminders:

SCUP - The scup fishing season has been extended through to the end of the year. The daily creel and length limit remains the same (10 fish per angler and 10 ½ inches). In the party/charter boat fishery, the current 40 fish creel limit remains in place through Tuesday, October 11th. After October 11th and through to the end of the year, the creel limit returns to 10 fish (the length limit remains unchanged at 11 inches).

BLACK SEA BASS – The black sea bass season is now closed.


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