02 September 2011

Procedures for Setting Annual Catch Limits and Accountability Measures for all Mid-Atlantic Fisheries are Approved

”The fish species in the Mid-Atlantic affected by this proposed action include Atlantic mackerel, butterfish, Atlantic bluefish, spiny dogfish, summer flounder, scup, black sea bass, tilefish, Atlantic surfclam, and ocean quahog. Actual catch limits and accountability measures for each fish stock will be set within the respective fishery management plans for these stocks.”

”Fishing in Fairfield County"

”Summertime can present a challenge as many prime fishing spots are located within beaches that issue beach stickers for the summer months. Residents may have to stick to beaches in their town and non-residents can either spend a little more for a beach pass or seek out public piers. The Norwalk Pier is one option and the Maritime Center also has a public fishing pier.”

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