25 September 2011

More Invasive Species to Contend With

Connecticut Shellfish Threatened by Invasive Sea Squirt?

”Its diminutive name is deceptive; the sea squirt could cut a swath of destruction along the Connecticut shoreline. Or it might just end up being a run-of-the-mill nuisance.

“In any case, the invasive species is moving westward, and there's not much stopping this small, rather unpleasant-looking sea creature.”

Invasive Asian Shrimp: What’s It All About?

”The Asian shrimp was first found on the U.S. Pacific coast in the 1950s, but not found in Connecticut waters until 2010, when it was spotted in the Mystic River off Mystic Seaport. Since then it has been found widely distributed throughout the Sound....”

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