29 July 2011

Fishing Reports Fishing Reports Fishing Reports Fishing Reports !

We will add to this list of reports as more come available....

Charles Walsh’s Fishing Report

”You know it is August when the weather report starts sounding like an echo. Sunny and hot. Sunny and hot and humid. Sunny and hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thunder showers. If we are bored of it think how the fish feel. They can't even turn on the AC and watch ‘America's Got Talent.’” CTPost.com

Connecticut DEEP Fishing Report

STRIPED BASS & BLUEFISH – Striper fishing is pretty much a dusk to dawn thing. Bluefish ranging in size from 2 to 12+ pounds are throughout LIS. Harbor blues are in the lower Connecticut River on a regular basis. Snapper blues are about 3 to 5 inches in length now. Striper and bluefish spots include the reefs off Watch Hill, Wilderness Point off Fishers Island, the Race, Millstone outflow, Bartlett Reef, Black Point, Plum Gut, Pigeon Rip (area north of Plum Island), Hatchett Reef, Long Sand Shoal, Southwest Reef, Sixmile Reef, Falkner Island area, the reefs off Guilford and Branford, New Haven Harbor (Sandy Point), Charles Island area to Milford Point, Buoy 20 off Stratford, Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground, Penfield Reef, around the Norwalk Islands, and the reefs off Stamford (Smith Reef and the “Cows”).

Some real good SCUP (porgy) fishing action can be found on the local reefs with fish measuring 14 to 15 inches the norm.

Blackfish (tautog) are also in the same rocky areas but in deeper water.

Summer Flounder (fluke) fishing remains fair because of all of the “throwbacks”. Summer flounder spots include the usual: South shore of Fishers Island (Isabella Beach and off Wilderness Point), Stonington area to the mouth of the Mystic River, north shore beaches of Long Island, lower Thames River to the Dumping Grounds, Twotree Island Channel off Waterford, Niantic Bay/ Black Point area, Hatchett Reef area, Long Sand Shoal, Falkner Island area, south off the New Haven breakwaters, and Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground area and Cable and Anchor Reef.

Hickory shad are mixed with snapper blues in the lower Connecticut River from the Baldwin Bridge down to the breakwaters.

Blue crabbing is good but not even close as compared to last year which was phenomenal! However, there have been reports of some nice “jimmies” in the 7 to 9 inch range taken out of the Westbrook area. CTDEEP

Fishing Report: New London Area

”Fluke reports from the eastern part of the Sound remain about the same: if you fish large baits in deeper water you have a chance at some keepers or a doormat. If you fish in shallow water along the beach, you'll likely catch a lot of fish but most will be too small to keep.” Tim Coleman in TheDay.com

Fishing Report: Stamford Area

”Porgies and bluefish seem to be abundant across the Long Island Sound, with some bass mixed in. Reports from anglers say they are doing very well off Norwalk, catching blues and bass. Bunker seems to be more abundant to the East….” TheStamfordTimes.com

Fishing Report: Thames River Area

”Bluefish action is picking up in the waters from the Race to Plum Gut as hordes of these aggressive fish move inshore to feed after spawning offshore last month. Joe Balint, another friend and I have gone fluke fishing at least once a week since these….” Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Striper Fishing Hot in New Hampshire

”Size and quantity: And what's making it more pleasurable is the presence of plenty of bait-sized mackerel to bring in the stripers. THIS YEAR'S striper fishing has been something to behold, producing not just a lot of fish but fish that are averaging….” NewHampshire.com

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