14 July 2011

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 13 Jul

Charlie W. and I were off at 0600 on Wednesday...a bright and sunny start to the day.

However, we noted that there was no dew. Usually at that time of the morning everything is soaked with the stuff...but not this morning. There's an old saw about dew in the morning...

When the dew is on the grass,
Rain will never come to pass.
When grass is dry at morning light,
Look for rain before the night.

...which I couldn't recall at the time...just had this nagging idea in the back of my mind that no dew meant bad weather. But, it was bright and sunny out!

Must be an old-fisherman's tale.

Guess when you own a boat this expensive you don't have to pay any attention to no-wake zones.

Dyslexia in aircraft design?

We found fish pretty quickly.

A few small stripers, no keepers, and mostly smaller bluefish.

Looks as though the housing market is tight even for cormorants.

Apparently the kids have moved in with Mom & Pop.

A line of clouds came over us and blocked the sun as it drifted off to the east.

Could there be some truth in the dew legend?

We kept fishing...keeping an eye to the west from whence commeth the cloudy weather.

Charlie and I both got fish on flies...think we were both using small white deceivers... somewhat reduced in bulk after a few blues chewed on them.

Stratford Police exercising the new rigid-hull inflatable.

Egrets appear to have established a crime-watch zone.

So we caught a mess of fish...nothing of size, but a lot of fun on light spin and fly tackle.

As I got in the car, the first drops of ra in began to sparkle on the windshield. The dew was more accurate than the Weather Channel this day.

Another great day on the water.

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