13 May 2011

13 May 2011 Lower Housatonic River Fishing Report

Jim W. and his friend Mark, from around Buffalo, NY [he just dug his way out of the snow up there] joined me on Shoo-Fly on Friday.

Perhaps fisherfolk should know better than to venture forth on Friday the 13th?

We covered a lot of the lower Housatonic River and found only scattered fish. Oddly enough, the closest thing we found to a "school" of striped bass was within a tenth of a mile of the dock where we'd started out.

It was tough fishing...but we got some stripers. Takes dedicated anglers to hang in under those conditions, but it paid off at day's end.

Did you know that cormorants are totally fearless?

Either that, or they're dumb as fence posts.

Actually, they can be whatever they want, as long as they don't poo on the boat.

S' funny. All the larger fish were caught by Jim; all the smaller ones, down to one you could've put on an English muffin, were caught by yours truly.

I don't know the correct names for these egret-like birds. The two are different species, one large, one small, and they were scrapping over who had the rights to those minnows off the shore there. The little guy held his own and didn't take any beak from they big guy.

Do know, however, that it seems very early in the year for these birds to be appearing in these parts.

It was another great day on the water. Could've used a few more and larger fish...but still another great day.

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