07 May 2011

06 May 2011 Lower Housatonic River Fishing Report

Readers know that we brought Shoo-Fly to the Florida Keys this winter.  After we returned north, however, Shoo-Fly sat ignonymously in the trucker’s storage yard waiting for a shipment to be put together.  Normally, we’re back on the water by the end of March…this year…not so.

Stratford Fire Department was out on the water exercising their emergency boat

In the meantime, the weekly report from CTDEP said, “Striped Bass fishing action has been extremely variable. Fishing is hot one day the next day - it’s not.”  Well they’re right about that.
Some things never change.  Jerks still ignore the "no-wake" zone at the mouth of the River.

So, Friday,  when Charlie W. and I went out on the lower Housatonic River…Shoo-Fly’s first day back on the water…we ran smack into one of those “it’s not” days. Oh, we caught some fish, but not in the volume or size we’d hoped for.

Here's Charlie bringing in the first striped bass of the season...on Shoo-Fly that is; he got his first striper back in March.

Not to complain, however.  It was a beautiful [if chilly and windy] day out there….
Several times we saw "rainbows" in the clouds; probably caused by the sun refracting ice crystals in those high cirro-stratus clouds.

The brant [small geese] were out in big numbers on Friday.

This jet made so much racket on its approach to Bridgeport's airport that it spooked all of the geese into the air.

Don G. was out on the River in his Pathfinder.

We also saw two brave kayakers out there...they must find some way to keep their butts warm in that water which varied from 49-54 degrees F. depending on where you were on the River.

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