30 April 2011

Shad, Shad, Shad, Shad.............................Shad

Spring Shad Fishing

”The shad is very unusual in that it's life cycle depends on where it is found along the coast. Fish native to Florida and the Carolinas are semelparous, that is they return to their natal rivers to spawn at 4-years-old and die soon after. They lay between 300,000 to 400,000 eggs. In an oddity of nature, the farther north the fish are born, the later in the life cycle they spawn and increasing numbers are interoparous, that is they live to return another year to spawn.”

A Shad Recipe

”Shad fishing in Connecticut goes back to the Native Americans. For those who have never seen a shad, they have metallic blue-green backs that fade into silver along their sides and shimmering tails that looked lavender. In the spring they migrate from their saltwater habitat to spawn in fresh water. This migration was an economic boon to fishermen along the Connecticut River years ago. Although the shad are not as plentiful today as they once were, the shad enthusiasts manage to catch their share.”

29 April 2011

Friday 29 APR 2011

After His Fly Rod Broke

Remember the story we blogged about the fly-fisherman whose rod shattered while he had a striped bass on the line? 

We asked him whether or not he landed that fish. 

He responded, “Not only did I catch that fish (hand line haul-in method) but I caught three more fish using the broken tip of the rod to cast while holding the reel section under my left arm. My fishing compatriots were very amused by this method. And I had to backcast because of the brisk northwest wind. You may have seen Lefty Kreh demonstrate throwing a full fly line using just the top half of the rod….”

A Smelt By Any Other Name…

”Migrating fish just a half-foot long once flooded coastal rivers of the Northeast every spring. In recent decades, rainbow smelt populations have been declining every year, and are fading to a dim memory in many places. But not in Down East Maine. As part of a collaboration with Northeast stations, Murray Carpenter reports that elsewhere in the region, scientists are trying to bring them back.”


28 April 2011

Thursday 28 APR 2011

CT DEP Fishing Report

”The persistent wind, rain, and cold weather along with cold water temperatures have played havoc on the early fishing season so far.
WINTER FLOUNDER fishing is slow overall. However, some flounder spots worth mentioning include Norwalk Harbor (Maritime Aquarium docks, and Calf Pasture Point pier), Guilford area (Thimble Islands), Niantic River, Pine Island area, and Poquonock River (Bluff Point State Park).
TAUTOG fishing is still on the early side since tog don’t start becoming active until water temperatures get up into the higher 40’s to 50°F. Shallow, rocky, inshore areas that warm up faster are your best bet.
STRIPED BASS fishing action has been basically limited to the Thames River from Norwich down to Montville, upper Niantic River, and the Housatonic River.”

To read the full Report:  Connecticut DEP  

Connecticut Shipping Industry Wants Harbor Dredging

”Traffic at Connecticut's three deep-water ports has been declining due to the weak economy and harbor-clogging sediment that the maritime industry says is driving away the largest ships. William Gash, executive director of the Connecticut Maritime….”

Read at: 

27 April 2011

Wednesday 27 APR 2011

Naugatuck River:  Improved, but Could Still Be Better

”…the aquatic vein that cuts a rather industrial path alongside Route 8, from Torrington through Waterbury and Naugatuck before merging with the Housatonic River in Derby, is today an attainable river that allows for various recreational opportunities, such as kayaking and fishing. The water is safer for general usage. A large swath of wildlife has returned with numerous species of fish, plus osprey, herons, wood ducks and those beloved eagles.”


Nasty Naugy Not So Nasty Now

”The Naugatuck River as something worth reclaiming is a recent development. For years it was notable for the water's changing colors depending on what was being manufactured upstream on a given day. Between the industrial waste and the lack of treatment plants, the river was a reason to hold your nose as you went by.
“That's all in the past now….”

26 April 2011

Coast Guard Petty Officer Killed in Middle East

”On Saturday, April 24, 2004, Petty Officer Third Class Nathan Bruckenthal of the U.S. Coast Guard was killed by a suicide bomber while conducting a security patrol in the northern Persian Gulf.”
Video about this fallen hero is at CoastGuardNews  

25 April 2011

Monday 25 APR 2011

Applies To Connecticut Estuaries As Well

”The best early-season striper fishing always has been in the estuaries in the New York metro area. The first stripers to come down the Hudson are generally the smaller fish, school bass ranging from 6-16 pounds, and they take up residence in the local bays and harbors in an around....”
Read at:  NYPost.com  

Massachusetts Angler Caught with Too Many Stripers

”However, additional searching by police revealed that there was a hidden compartment underneath Reeves’ main fish storage box. Police found an additional 11 bass there,”
Click to read:  Narragansett.Patch.com  

24 April 2011

Wading for Stripers…Lower Housatonic River

 Bummer, Charles; but, Did He Land the Fish? 

”Suddenly, a shot rang out. Bang. The line of anglers give out a unison gasp like they had seen someone taken by a shark.”

Recipes: Striped Bass with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze, Asparagus and Green Beans

“… use eight 6-ounce striped bass or halibut fillets. 1. Heat broiler, with rack in top position. In a small saucepan, heat oil over medium-high. Add shallot and cook, stirring often until softened, about 3 minutes….”
Click to read:  SeattleTimes.com  

23 April 2011

Saturday...and It's Cold and Raining

More On ConnecticutFishing Regs

”The DEP announced several marine fisheries changes in order to comply with interstate fishery management plans adopted by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) on April 17. These changes affect black sea bass, winter flounder, scup and summer flounder only."

NY, LI Report

”As for striped bass, schoolies in the Sound are in the bays of Little Neck and Manhasset. On the South Shore, anglers have just started taking some schoolies on swimming plugs near South Point bridge, according to Gary Grunseich at his Silly Lily fishing station in East Moriches.
 “There has been lots more action in the Hudson River…."

Interesting Read:

”A few moments after Richard DeMarte has landed (another) 15-pound jack cravelle, a common fish in the waters off Florida's east coast, the captain of the boat says to him and his father, "Hey, you want to see something?"
 “Both DeMartes nod, so the captain takes the jack, lays it on the surface of the boat and splits it open with a knife. Then he guides the boat a short distance from where it was, sticks the bloody, severed fish on a massive hook and drops the line about 30 feet into the water.”

22 April 2011

Friday 22 APR 2011

Connecticut “Lead-Ban” Bill Fails to Get Out of Committee

”In an attempt to ban the sale and use of commonly used lead fishing sinkers and jigs in the state of Connecticut, S.B. 59 was introduced in the General Assembly on January 10, 2011.”

Knowing the Tides Improves Striper Fishing

”Striped bass are not only creatures of their environment but creatures of habit as well, and tides play an important part in their movements on a daily and seasonal basis. Understanding how the tides work will help you understand their effects on the stripers.”


21 April 2011

Thursday 21 APR 2011

Fly fishing legend Billy Pate Dead at Age 81

"Pate was an important pioneer in landing big saltwater fish on fly rods and was particularly dedicated to tarpon fishing, although billfishing was also a passion. His 1982 188-pound tarpon world….”

Story Should Sound Familiar to Housatonic River Fisherfolk

”There are good days and bad days when it comes to the spring striped bass run on the Roanoke River.
“And then there was Friday.
“It was early in the season, and Raleigh's Dean Lamont, an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guide, was trying to find fish.
“It wasn't a good sign that morning when Jack Eudy, the saltiest of the area's striper-fishing guides, appeared to be sending his boat, filled with fly fishermen, fruitlessly through one drift not far from the Welden boat ramp.”

20 April 2011

Bluefish and Stripers Advance on Connecticut

Note: This report is from April 2011; for the latest information, please go to:


First Bluefish Show Off New Jersey

”…fishing was "really, really good" all day Sunday through the strong winds. They took a lot of photos Sunday of anglers with striped bass, black drumfish and the first bluefish.”

Stripers in Lower New York Bay

”Striped Bass are also moving into Lower New York Bay now to feed on the herring, though in a more leisurely fashion, as their spawning season is not until May. From wintering grounds off the coast of North Carolina, Striped Bass, migrate northward to….”

Stripers Off Norwalk

”…reports he caught and released seven striped bass up to 32 inches just past Sheffield Island.”

19 April 2011

Tuesday 19 APR 2011

Shad Museum

”Back then, he says, "there were many more boats on the Connecticut River shad fishing. Years ago there would be 50-60 netters out there at one time. There weren’t places for young men to work part time, so they fished shad and sold them.”


Field & Stream Picks Best States for Fly Fishing

”Every now and then, magazines like to do a "Top 10" or "Best Of" list. Best restaurants, best gear, best outdoors towns, and so on. It's a pretty reliable formula for attracting attention and stimulating debate among readers….”

18 April 2011

Monday 18 APR 2011

There’s Going to Be a Run on Portable Urinals

”The entire Long Island Sound, from the East River to Fishers Island, could soon join the Peconic Bay estuary as a federally designated no-discharge zone (NDZ), where it’s illegal for vessels of all sizes to dump sewage, treated or untreated, into the water.”


Coast Guard Interdicts $153 Million of Cocaine

”The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Sherman interdicted a self-propelled semi-submersible vessel (SPSS) and took four people into custody 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica April 3, 2011. The SPSS and its crew were carrying an estimated 5.8 metric tons of cocaine.”
Coast Guard News

17 April 2011

Fresh Water Feeds Salt Water

Left-Over Trout: Good! We Want ‘em for Sea-Runs

”...during the next few weeks, with tons of leftover trout lurking and the Department of Environmental Protection's trout stocking program continuing, the fishing will remain great and, even nicer, the ponds and streams will be far less crowded. Fish will move downstream, spreading into different sections of rivers and streams.”

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

Patterns Are Important In Salt Water Too

”If an angler can take some important information like depth, structure, and presentation from a report they can find water that will fit this pattern…. Discoveries like shell reefs, humps, guts, and other bottom contours are infinitely more valuable than a fishing report referring to ‘spot A.’”


16 April 2011

Of Cormorants, Cod, and Taxes

Cormorants: Black Death?

”Today, we have a huge population of cormorants that threatens the continued existence of the natural balance of our ecosystem. These hordes, if left unchecked, could eventually destroy any hope of a recovery for the winter flounder and the river herring (alewife), and, at times, I wonder about the survival of such important forage fish as the silverside.”

Charley Soares in HeraldNews.com

Cod: Are the Big Ones Gone?

”On a bone-chilling February morning, I stepped aboard the Montauk party fishing boat Sea Otter to try to catch some cod. Cod used to be one of the most astoundingly bountiful sources of wild protein in the world. Those stories you’ve heard of fantastical catches of fish enriching the early American colonies? Cod. But like me, humanity blew its advance. If we’d just had a little restraint and caught the majority of the cod every year instead of building some of the biggest boats ever made and then catching almost all the cod, we and the codfish would be in much better shape.

“Humans, as usual, couldn’t restrain themselves….”

Marina Owners Biting Their Fingernails

”Boating season hasn't begun yet and Mason's Island Marina owner Eileen Morehouse has already felt the ill effects of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposed increases to marine-related taxes — a move that industry veterans claim will repeat mistakes that proved economically devastating.
“A customer recently told Morehouse she was moving her sailboat and Boston Whaler from the Mystic marina to neighboring Rhode Island, about 15 minutes away.”

15 April 2011

Eating Fish Caught in Long Island Sound

With the start of the fishing season upon us, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) has issued an updated version of its guide for eating fish caught in Connecticut waterways. The guide, If I Catch It, Can I Eat It? A Guide to Safe Eating of Fish Caught in Connecticut, also provides new advice on consuming sushi.

NY-Area Fishing Report

”Angling activity should heat up this weekend, weather permitting. More and more party boats will be launching spring schedules Friday with the opening of New York's full striped bass season.”


New Jersey Area Fishing Report

”Winter flounder fishing has started to improve as water temperatures slowly are climbing into the low 50 degrees in the back bays.”


14 April 2011

Stripers: The Good, the Bad, and the....

The Good: Striped Bass Livornese

”Striped Bass Filet, 12 oz.
1/5 cup Virgin Olive Oil
1 small white onion, julienned
2 anchovies, chopped fine
2 tablespoons nonpareil capers….”

This recipe sounds really good!


The Bad: Stripers Eating Other Gamefish?

”…which could lead to more restrictive seasons or bag limits. Of course, lower rock [striped bass] populations might well be a spot of good news for sea trout anglers. The most recent research shows that high striper populations, along with dogfish sharks, have thwarted fisheries managers' efforts to rebuild the [sea]trout populations.”


...and the Ugly: PCBs

”How much rockfish [striped bass] is safe to eat? Maryland environmental officials are increasing their recommendations. State officials now say it's OK to eat three meals a month, up from two under the old guidelines. That's for the general population and for smaller striped bass caught in the Chesapeake Bay. The new guidelines were announced Wednesday in….”

Note that this is for Chesapeake Bay stripers and not necessarily for Hudson/Housatonic fish.

13 April 2011

Water Temp in Central Long Island Sound: 42.6°F

How do we know this? Easy. We motor out to the middle of Long Island Sound and stick a thermometer in the water. Right?

Not! Just go down the right-hand side of this blog to “Important Links” and then click on “Buoy: Central LI Sound.”

Also gives you Air Temp, Wind Speed, Wind Gusts, Wave Height, and other interesting data.

Going Fishing in MD? Better Know What the Heck You’re Doing!

"Nine recreational anglers from out of state were charged with fishing for striped bass in protected waters during a weekend sting operation in the Choptank River south of Denton, just one week before the start of Maryland's spring season.

“Working on tips from the public, Natural Resources Police officers shot video of the alleged poachers fishing on known spawning grounds and intercepted them as they returned to shore at Ganeys Wharf. Police say one angler caught 20 striped bass.”


Stripers Moving Up NJ Coast

”Striped bass have made their way to the Raritan Bay and are showing up in the shallows along the shoreline. Bass are feasting on clams right now before the bunker pods, hopefully, show up in the next few weeks.”


Surviving “Catch and Release”

”Decreasing saltwater fish mortality is a big issue being addressed by many in the recreational fishing community.
“Number one on the list is improving catch-and-release survival rates. Last month, anglers, scientists, environmental groups, state and federal agencies and sport-fishing industry representatives met to evaluate how much is known about marine fisheries catch-and-release survival rates and explore ways to improve techniques.”


12 April 2011

Connecticut Angler's Guide Available

"A printed version of the 2011 Angler's Guide can be obtained anywhere you can purchase a fishing license or by calling (860) 424-FISH (3474). The print versions of the 2011 guides were distributed in late March 2011. This is a departure from the traditional late December distribution schedule and is intended to coordinate publication with the marine fisheries regulatory cycle."

Here's a copy of the current marine regs, seasons and size/bag limits, as per the CTDEP website.

”Tog” Bite Is On Down South

:…some improving tautog action. Some of his customers have landed fish in the 9-pound range. The fish are starting to show in the ocean and bay in all of the usual nooks and crannies. At times, the fish are really snapping and eager to grab any bait offered. That sure is a change from their normal finicky patterns. Of course, the fish can really be tide specific. Often, the ebb tide can produce the best bite as the water is a bit warmer than on the flood tide.

“Striped bass are also in the fishing news with good catches coming from the Jersey side of the bay. Anglers using fresh surf clams have had some big trips on nice rockfish as the fish swarm the shallow bays and coves.”


11 April 2011

Trout Fishermen To Poach Our Salt Waters

”Join the Mianus Chapter as they take part in the annual Houstock striped bass fishing tournament on Saturday April 23 from 8 a.m. to noon. The free tournament takes place at Short Beach in Stratford and is followed by a free barbecue for participants.”


Over Rhode Island Way…

”Striped bass that stayed in rivers through the winter have been biting, but migrating stripers won’t arrive until the water warms, according to….”


Eastern CT

”It’s only a matter of time and sunlight before conditions improve. There is a critical threshold of 50 degrees Fahrenheit that seems to turn the river’s population of stripers on and off every spring and fall. That switch could be thrown the next time the region experiences a few bright, hot, sunny days in a row, which is weather predicted for the weekend.”

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

Openin’ Day Ain’t What It Useta Be

”Somehow in recent years, for a number of reasons that are interwoven like a braided line, opening day has lost much of the anticipation and excitement it brought to anglers across the state.
“An aging population of anglers, such as my buddies who can’t stay up all night playing cards, and a lack of newcomers is the primary reason. Directly and indirectly, however, the Internet deserves a good portion of the blame.”

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

09 April 2011

Sunday...10 April 2011

Be Careful with Your Choice of Charter Captain

” A boat a captain must…have a mariner’s license in order to legally operate a charter. Coast Guard issued mariner’s licenses show that the operator of a commercial vessel has met proficiency requirements in navigation, seamanship as well as steering and sailing rules. A paying passenger cannot be assured of the operator’s competency or the soundness of the vessel without a valid license and inspection certificate.”


Housatonic PCBs Still There…Flowing Down the River

” PCBs in the Housatonic River sediment and floodplain continually migrate and pose potential non-cancerous health risks to those who use the area, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency consultants.
“Due primarily to river-bank erosion and storms that kick up sediment, PCBs continue to flow through the river despite General Electric Co. discontinuing use of the probable carcinogen at its former Pittsfield plant in 1977, according to speakers at the workshop.”


Free Online Magazines...Fly Fishing...Salt Water...Fly Fishing

New Online Issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Posted

”Keeping a positive attitude is definitely a good thing, but that alone will not guarantee a fruitful fishing season. Before the season begins, take inventory of all your tackle and start figuring out what line you will fish on what reel and with what rod. The idea is to end up with several outfits, each having a specific intended use. Preparedness is often the difference between catching and not catching.”


New Salt Water Sportsman Issue Online

New contest winner is properly equipped for trotline fishing.

Salt Water Sportsman

New Issue of This Is Fly

Even if you’re not a fly-fisher, you should have a look at this amazing online magazine.

This Is Fly

08 April 2011

Stripers in New York, New Jersey? Maybe

New York Striper Season Opens 15 APR

”Several Sheepshead Bay boats are still getting spruced up for New York's striped bass season, which starts on April 15, a week from Friday.

“Until that date brings on day and night striper trips, the Capt. Dave II is searching for some still finicky flounder.”


Stripers Not Hot Yet in Jersey

”Water temperatures have hit the 47-degree mark in the Cape May area. I know it's not warm, but it's moving up there day by day to reach that magic 52-degree mark that striped bass begin to feel comfortable in. However, if you want to catch a striped bass now, you have to head to the shores of Delaware Bay, where shore bound spots like Reed's Beach and Fortescue are dishing up loads of bass between 23 and 32 inches long. Bloodworms, sandworms, clams and herring chunks are all dialing in bass, and it's been a fantastic early season bite.”


But A Record Was Set In New Jersey Last Year

”The 14-year-old from Vineland reeled in a 58.29-pound striped bass during last year's The Press of Atlantic City Fishing Contest that has now officially been certified as the junior female world record - shattering the old record of 47 pounds.”


07 April 2011

Fish Are Moving

Thames River Action

"Next time the sun shines, look for improved striper action in the Thames River's shallows, including Poquetanuck Cove, Trading Cove, Horton Cove and the flats around the Dow Chemical plant. Reports from Fish Connection in Preston say there are a few….”
Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

And Further South…

”The Chesapeake Bay’s boaters are checking on the presence of striped bass in time for the April 16 opener of trophy season. One charter fishing captain told me that while he was doing some test trips, using umbrella rigs with Sassy Shad lures, he couldn’t keep the fish from the hooks. “I hope it will be that way when a body can keep a 28-inch-and-over rockfish,” he said. A good number of the stripers have reached the Susquehanna Flats and Striper Kandy or Bass Assassin lures in various colors have done a job on the big catch-and-release spawners."


06 April 2011

Ever Wonder Why the Housatonic River Is So Muddy?

”The dimensions and pattern of the Housatonic River are unsustainable after centuries of man-made changes, according to river experts -- one of a number of factors that may play a role in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's future remediation efforts of the area…6,600 tons of sediment are eroded from the banks each year, a rate that is 10 times what it should be.”


Connecticut’s Shoreline Is Marching Inland

”Metro-North Railroad tracks underwater. Expensive beachfront homes smashed into splinters and washed away. Local landmarks like the Pootatuck Yacht Club in Stratford, Seaside Park and Milford's iconic Charles Island, all simply gone.”


04 April 2011

Reality Can Be Weirder than April Fool's Day Jokes

"Truth is stranger than fiction" said Mark Twain. While we had a lot of fun with our posts on April 1st, here are two true stories that are almost as bizarre:

Bottle Found with Message…after 24 Years

”Nearly a quarter-century after a German boy tossed a message in a bottle off a ship in the Baltic Sea, he’s received an answer.

“A 13-year-old Russian, Daniil Korotkikh, was walking with his parents on a beach when he saw something glittering lying in the sand…."


Surfer rides Wave for 41 Miles in Panama Canal

"Panama's Gary Saavedra, intent on discovering his limitations, surfed a wave created by a boat moving through the Panama Canal for 3 hours, 55 minutes and two seconds, while spanning a distance of 41.3 miles."


03 April 2011

Eating Fish Ain't All It's Cooked Up to Be

Rampant Mislabeling of Fish in Restaurants

”The white tuna on your plate at your favorite restaurant may not be tuna at all, but a similar tasting and looking white fish. Duping consumers into paying top dollar for a low-cost substitute fish is fraud. And it's happening with other pricey seafood items as well.”

Note: photo is unrelated to the story

Is Sushi Safe?

”In the short term, any smart sushi restaurateurs in the West will be ensuring that their seafood comes from other places [other than irradiated Japan], and will advertise the fact. That shouldn't be too difficult, even at higher-end establishments. Several chefs I know at top-quality sushi bars already prefer to serve a slice of fluke from, say, Long Island over similar fish from Japan anyway, because the fish is fresher. “


Maybe You're Better Off Catching and Cooking It Yourself

1/4 cup olive oil
2 pounds large Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and sliced 1/8-inch thick
Sea salt and ground black pepper
A 2-pound piece wild striped bass fillet, with skin left on
1 cup pitted picholine olives
8 bay leaves
2 lemons, in thin wedges….


02 April 2011

New Yawk, New Yawk...It's Openin' Day

Hudson River Spring Report

”There have been a lot of changes in the Hudson River fishery over the past decade or so, some of which have been quite significant. Yet spring is here, and the striper fishing is about to start.
“One of the biggest changes in recent years has a lot to do with biology and the management of some of the ocean-living species that migrate up the Hudson each spring….”

Read more at TimesUnion.com

New York Area Opening Day

”The fishing season officially starts today with both fresh and saltwater species being offered to anglers who have been suffering from cabin fever all winter long. The rub is that winter might linger a little while longer, because as you are reading this a Nor'easter is blowing and it...”

01 April 2011

Connecticut’s Striped Bass Season Closed

Action Necessary to Rebuild Stocks

HARTFORD: Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection has announced that due to decreasing numbers of large striped bass and the low juvenile class counts in the Delaware and Hudson Rivers in the past few years, no commercial or recreational fishing for striped bass will be permitted in Connecticut waters from April 1 to December 31, 2011.

A DEP official remarked that the striper fishery is the backbone of the fishing economy in Connecticut. However, in recent years, the dwindling catch has both fishery agencies and fishermen worried. Agreeing to a state closed season on striped bass is an important step in guaranteeing the future availability of this shared natural resource.

"I think it's probably the right thing to do," said Mildred Dorsal, 64, who has run a commercial fishing boat with her husband Ralph out of the Housatonic River since 1985.

"It's tough, though. We're going to lose our (fishing) community. People are going to have to figure out what to do with nine months of no income."

Read the announcement at CTDEP

Pirates Kill Crew of Sloop Off Charles Island

Four Americans captured by Somali pirates while sailing the luxury yacht In Irons on Long Island Sound have been shot and killed, BBS News reported Tuesday.

The two couples, Mary Matarassa, 57, and Ferd Vang, 65, of Stamford, and the yacht's owners, Maud and Bill Helm of Marina del Pasta, California, were on an around-the-Sound sailing trip when they were captured by pirates Friday.

Officials told BBS News that about 1 a.m. shots were heard aboard the yacht. Negotiations had been underway with the pirates at the time.

U.S. military personnel boarded the yacht and discovered all four hostages had been shot by their captors.

The military said three pirates were killed and 11 others captured after a brief gun battle as the military took control of the boat.

Officials had no idea why Somali pirates should be in Connecticut waters. “Must have taken a wrong heading off Djibouti,” suggested a spokesperson.

Read the full story at BBSNews.com