02 February 2011

Islamorada Journal 2011...02-03 FEB

Looks like a nice, quiet morning out on the dock for the local Ibis flock.

Then, all of a sudden...

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...a battle breaks out...lasts about 3 seconds...after which, order is restored.

Guess someone had to be put in his proper place in the stomping order.

Went over to visit Mike S. at the house we rented last year.

Mike's lab, Cody, put on a demonstration of the lab version of the dog paddle.

Mark went out fishing with me on Wednesday.

We did see four permit...got a shot [cast] at one of them, but no hookup.

Nice day...we had a good time...sloooooowww fishing.

We did see a pod of feeding dolphin...couple of them came over for a closeup.

As you can see from this pic, this dolphin's dorsal fin has been seriously damaged from being entangled with some sort of line...possibly a fishing net or fishing line.

Demonstrates why it's so important for fisherfolk to dispose of line properly, on land.

White pelicans have taken over the bus stop.

• In other news...

A New Issue of This Is Fly Magazine Is Available

If you’re a fly fisher, you gotta check it out:
This Is Fly Magazine

• 6,000 Pounds of Illegally Caught Striped Bass Found in Chesapeake Bay

"Tuesday, February 1, 2011; 7:01 PM

“Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police officers stumbled upon a poacher's net bulging with more than three tons of rockfish [striped bass] in the Chesapeake Bay, the largest haul seized by a single patrol in at least 25 years, the police said.”

The Washington Post

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