03 January 2011

Islamorada Journal 2011...03 JAN

This morning we all piled into Wayne & Linda's truck and headed over to Caribee Boat Sales & Marina to pick up Shoo-Fly. The ladies dropped Wayne and me off and we made our way down to the boat which was waiting for us at the Caribee dock.

Shoo-Fly appeared to be in good shape after her 1,450-mile ride on an open boat-transport truck. No obvious damage other than a few dead bugs on the front of the console...at which Wayne is standing in this pic.

We headed out of the Marina, across the bay and around Cotton Key to the Whale Harbor area...then past Hippy Harbor and the dual entrances to Snake Creek...and finally to our dock.

Upon further inspection, opening all the hatches, we found that mildew had taken over in some spots...so after figuring out how to tie Shoo-Fly safely to the dock [it's not a matter of just tying a few knots...one has to be sure the boat isn't going to bash against the pilings and that enough scope is left in the lines so that the boat doesn't get hung up by its docklines when the tide goes out], I gave the boat a quick clean-up...postponing a more thorough job that will require 15-20 minutes of scrubbing inside each hatch [8 of them].

Leaving all the hatches open to the sun is always a good start on beating the mildew disease.

We have some resident barracudas at the dock...here's one.

Wayne caught a couple of them while I was cleaning the boat.

These stand-up paddle boards are all over the place.

Anyone can explain to me why one would wish to do this standing up rather than sitting down...I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Even this gull thought the paddling was pretty funny.

Weather for Day 6, Tuesday, partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 70s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

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