08 January 2011

Islamorada Journal 2011…06-07-08 JAN

“But wait,” you say; “you already wrote about 06 JAN!”

Yes dear reader, but the day wasn’t over when that blog posted.

You may recall, there was a storm blowing in from the west while we were having dinner at the Lor-e-lei? Turns out there was a lot more fun in store.

The wind, which was forecast to be “near 20 kts.” [23 mph] that night was a bit stronger than the forecast had indicated. I saw a report from one weather buoy indicating winds had gusted up to 31 kts. [36 mph]. The way we’d set up the boat on the dock, that wouldn’t have been a problem…unless the wind were to blow in from one particular direction, in which case the waves would wash right into the dock and possibly create trouble.

So guess where the 36 mph gusts came from? Precisely that direction. If the wind had been either south or north of that point by as little as 10 degrees, there would have been no issue.

So there I am out in the howling wind at 2300 hours putting additional lines on the boat…in this case, spring lines which if set up properly can hold the boat’s angle to the dock so as to minimize the likelihood of the boat bashing the pilings.

That done, went to bed, but set the alarm so I could go check on how the dock lines were holding up. It’s amazing how much slack will come into dock lines as a result of the boat’s weight tugging on them, knots tightening, and so on. So I was back out there at 1230, 0230, and 0500 making adjustments in the lines. What a fun time!

By noon of 07 JAN we had blue skies and no wind at all. You’d think the previous night had never happened.

Short of it all is that Wayne came over and gave me a hand moving the boat to a floating platform that’s set up on the north side of the dock. The boat will be be better sheltered there and it will be harder for winds from any direction to get at it.

07 JAN. The morning of the cell phone.

Back in August I took an upgrade for my cell phone from AT&T. It refused to connect to the Bluetooth in the car, so I returned it. Subsequently, Caryl gave me an old cell phone of hers that had gotten wet and stopped working, but had suddenly come back to life. It worked fine for a couple of months.

Got down to FL and it started dropping the connection…failing to get bars. So as I now have a different Bluetooth setup in the car, called AT&T to try another phone under upgrade. Guess what? AT&T tells me I never sent back the phone in August…so I can’t have another one. But I did send it back. UPS. I have the UPS receipt…back home...in Connecticut. Well, we have no record of your having returned it. But I’ve been a good customer of AT&T for decades…you’re telling me my record of payments looks like that of someone who’s going to steal a lousy cell phone from you? That’s our policy sir! So in other words, I don’t have a phone, you won’t give me another one—even a cheapo that probably costs you ten bucks—but you’re going to continue to bill me for the phone service? Yes!

Apparently AT&T is modeling their customer service policies on those of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

They finally told me that I could go to Wal-Mart and buy a GoPhone, put the sim card from the defunct phone in it and get service that way. So I went off to Radio Shack and got a cheapo Samsung [the only GoPhone they had with Bluetooth], and am now back on the air.

AT&T won that round, but I will never forget their treating me as a liar and a thief. Contract ends, Verizon here I come!

07 JAN. The afternoon of feeling lousy.

Then, probably as a result of little sleep and much aggravation, I came down with chills and a cough…and went to bed.

08 JAN. Things looking better.

Mostly sunny. Highs near 70. West to northwest winds near 10 mph.

Wayne called. We decided fishing today would probably be pushing it after the way I was feeling yesterday, so I’ll take a day of rest while Wayne handles one of the many “projects” he always has lined up. In his residential community he’s known as the guy to call when something breaks or otherwise doesn’t work properly…so he’s always in demand over there.

Maybe back on the water on 09 JAN.

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