06 November 2010

Time to Pack It In?

• On Cape Cod, Maybe

“Some fishing seasons end when a certain tonnage has been landed. Some quota-based commercial seasons end in a matter of days, even hours.

"Striper season isn't really like that. You might say it ends when the last straggler is picked off from that final departing, southbound school.

"Anyone with a case of striper fever knows the season never really ends. There are holdover fish. Cape Cod affords us unparalleled access. Even when the stripers leave, you can jig cod through the cold months.”

• Eastern Long Island Sound Fishing Report

“If you want a crack at some good striper fishing, Montauk is the place to go. Bundle up if you have an open boat, watch the weather for the next window and head on over. You can also run down to the wrecks and lumps off the Rhode Island beaches for some good sea bass catches.”
Tim Coleman in TheDay.com

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