05 November 2010

North Pole Heating Up

“The Arctic region, also called the “planet’s refrigerator,” continues to heat up, affecting local populations and ecosystems as well as weather patterns in the most populated parts of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of 69 international scientists. The findings were released today in the Arctic Report Card, a yearly assessment of Arctic conditions.”

• Coast Guard Saves Man Fallen from Q-River Bridge

“Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound received the initial report from New Haven Fire Rescue after a Good Samaritan reported hearing cries for help off of the Ferry Street Bridge at around 2:30 a.m.”
Coast Guard News

• Shelton to Renew 4.0MM Gallons/Day of Wastewater into Housatonic River

The Commissioner of Environmental Protection has given notice that the DEP has made a tentative determination to renew a permit based on an application submitted by the City of Shelton ("the applicant") under Section 22a-430 of the Connecticut General Statutes for a permit to discharge into the waters of the state.

In accordance with applicable federal and state law, the Commissioner has made a tentative determination that the existing system to treat the discharge will protect the waters of the state from pollution, and the Commissioner proposes to re-issue a permit for this discharge to Housatonic River.

The proposed permit, if issued by the Commissioner, will require that all wastewater be treated to meet the applicable effluent limitations with periodic monitoring to demonstrate that the discharge will not cause pollution.

City of Shelton presently discharges up to an annual average daily design flow of 4.0 million gallons per day of secondary biological treated municipal wastewaters to Housatonic River.
CTDEP Notice

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