03 November 2010

Long Island Rescue

“Four people were rescued from the water by a Coast Guard response crew near Moriches, N.Y., Friday.

“Suffolk County, N.Y., Dispatch reported a 21-foot boat taking on water with four people aboard approximately 1/2 mile east of Moriches Inlet, oceanside, just after 6:00 p.m. The people aboard the boat, which was taking on water from an unknown source, were bailing their vessel with buckets when they were swamped by a wave, and capsized. A Coast Guard Station Moriches boat crew arrived on scene to find all four people atop the boat, and took them aboard the Coast Guard boat.

“’They did the right thing,’ said Mark Averill, a search and rescue specialist with Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound. ‘They were their wearing life jackets and they stayed with the boat.’”
Coast Guard News

• Salmon and Blackfish in CT Waters

“Anglers are catching lots of big fat blackfish in the Sound. The largest blackfish reported last week was a 10.4-pounder caught by….”
Stamford Advocate

• Foam Flows Down Brook to Housatonic

“DERBY -- A pool of sewage and liquid cleaner flowed into Two Mile Brook Wednesday afternoon, creating a mile-long trail of suds that summoned fire personnel from Derby and Orange, as well as the state Department of Environmental Protection.“

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