14 November 2010

Bons Dock, Knells Island, and Hart’s Corner

Certain locales in the Stratford, CT area, for some reason, seem to attract individuals who mis-hear or otherwise fail to verify the correct pronunciation/spelling of place names. For example:

Bons Dock”: We’ve seen this one in print several times [example]. It’s not “Bons,” it’s “Bond’s.”

Knells Island: No less prestigious an institution than Harvard University
has printed this one incorrectly. It’s not “Knells,” it’s “Nells.”

And finally, Hart’s Corner: It’s not “Hart’s,” it’s “Hard’s.”

(No, we're not going to get into the various ways of spelling Shakespeare.)

There! Got that off my mind.

BTW, there may be some issues as to whether or not each of these names is possessive and requires the 's suffix. That requires a better researcher than I am.

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