07 October 2010

Falling Hailstones Kill Fish

• Not What You're Thinking...

“Extreme hail from recent thunderstorms in the Kansas City area killed fish and Canada geese at a Northland lake, a conservation biologist says.

“Suddenly chilled water temperatures caused the fish kill and falling hailstones probably killed the geese.”

• You Can’t Make Up Stuff Like This

“A 62-year-old Bridgeport man was committed for psychiatric evaluation after police found him naked, throwing thousands of dollars into the marsh near the Shakespeare theater grounds.”

• How About Catching…Some Jail Time?

“Dent and some co-conspirators cooked up a scheme where rather than fairly report their catch—which includes “tagging” each striped bass caught so that catches can be tracked—they took more than 16,000 pounds of fish (retail value: $83,236) from the Potomac River and sold it untagged. Dent also ignored size limits and seasonal closures.”

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