13 September 2010

Monday 13 SEP 2010

• Are Migratory Stripers Disappearing?

“After two weeks of trying to catch striped bass off Martha's Vineyard, I became a card-carrying resident of Skunk City. If it hadn't been for bluefish and scup, my vacation would have been fishless.

“Why? Maybe I'm a crummy fisherman. Maybe stripers hated my lures. Maybe I was over here when the stripers were over there.

“But the Chesapeake Bay commercial hook-and-liners, who target the 18-inch to 24-inch resident fish, had a slow summer, too.”s
The Baltimore Sun

• U S Seafood Consumption Hits Plateau

“The average American ate 15.8 pounds of fish and shellfish in 2009, a slight decline from the 2008 consumption figure of 16.0 pounds, according to a NOAA Fisheries Service report out today.

“The U.S. continues as the third-ranked country for consuming fish and shellfish, behind China and Japan. In total, Americans consumed a total of 4.833 billion pounds of seafood in 2009, slightly less than the 4.858 billion pounds in 2008.

“Shrimp remained the top seafood item of choice for the United States at 4.1 pounds per person, a level unchanged since 2007.”

• New Bedford A Top Fishing Port

“A NOAA Fisheries report finds the port of New Bedford, Mass., the top spot for value of landings for the tenth year in a row. The New Bedford port brought in $249.2 million in 2009, an increase of $7.9 million over the previous year. The amount of fish landed was also up by 23.6 million pounds, with scallops responsible for a large part of the high value.

“For the 21st consecutive year, Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska was the country’s top port for the total amount of fish landed. Last year, commercial fishermen unloaded 506.3 million pounds of fish and shellfish there, mostly pollock.”

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