24 September 2010

Friday 24 SEP 2010

• “Every Wild Fish Is a Mystery”

“A saltwater angler who hasn't held a large marine fish in his hands and wondered about that fish's life — where it began life, its travels, the things it has seen, the dangers it has somehow survived and the vagaries that brought together fish and angler - is absent a vital connection to fish and fishing.”

• Super Salmon or Frankenfish?

“The FDA is to hear arguments for and against genetically modified salmon, which some say could feed the hungry but which others warn will unleash a 'frankenfish' on the world.”

• Diminishing Water Supply

“With all the new construction going on in Las Vegas, the city has become one of the world’s most popular sites. However, Las Vegas has only one problem, Glennon said, ‘and that problem is an acute one. Las Vegas has run out of water.’”
Utah Statesman

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