23 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

• Massachusetts Commercial Striper Season Open

“In spite of the hot weather and warm water that can make midsummer striper fishing a challenge, successful commercial fishermen often manage to fill their weekday limit of 30 bass over 34 inches. So how do they do it? Almost all use natural bait, including eels, mackerel, pogies, and sea herring, fished either live or fresh-dead. They also focus their efforts on deepwater structure, which is where big bass will retreat to find cooler water and avoid the summer sun.”
Boston Herald

• Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea

“Welcome to Estuaries.Gov where we aim to advance estuarine and coastal literacy. Explore these living classrooms and laboratories - our estuaries -, discover their importance and beauty, and learn what you can do to protect them.”

• Omega Protein vs. Menhaden

“Omega Protein Corp., which employs about 300 people during the May-to-December fishery, is allowed to catch 109,020 metric tons of menhaden annually from the Virginia portion of the bay. The catch is processed at its Reedville plant into meal used for animal and pet food and into omega-3 fish oils sold as heart-healthy food supplements.”
Business Week

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